Rapper 'Stitches' Needs Stitches -- Gets Knocked Out By Rival Rapper's Manager [Video]

The rapper Stitches was knocked out cold by the manager of one his major rivals, The Game, outside a Miami nightclub on Thursday night.

According to TMZ, Stitches and The Game had been feuding for months -- a beef that was documented online through various video threats. The rivalry between the rappers culminated at 4:16 a.m. when Stitches was forbidden from entering the nightclub because The Game told bouncers to keep the other rapper out.

The Game
Rapper the Game. (Photo via Instagram)

Stitches reaction to this was recorded and posted online. So was the violent climax. When The Game finally came out of the nightclub, the rapper Stitches confronted him. The Game himself never had to throw a punch, because his manager, "Wack 100," knocked out Stitches for him.

The police report reveals that off-duty officers were nearby, trying to keep the confrontation from reaching a boiling point. They were informed about a "brewing confrontation" between The Game, who was performing at the club, and the rapper Stitches who appears to have shown up simply to confront his rival.

"Instead of getting back in their vehicle and leaving, they walked towards the aggressive crowd. Mr. Jones [Wack 100], who was standing with the other members of the aggressive crowd, moved towards Mr. Katsabanis [Stitches] and got into a verbal altercation. As the off-duty officers moved in to prevent any escalation, the altercation turned physical when Mr. Jones struck Mr. Katsabanis with his right fist. As Mr. Katsabanis fell to the ground, he momentarily lost consciousness."
The video below suggests Stitches went down after a single punch, but Wack didn't walk away from the fight unharmed. Police were present for the whole fight and quickly rushed to tase the rapper's manager as soon as he knocked out Stitches.Both Stitches and Wack 100 were arrested shortly after the altercation, but it appears the rapper who started the whole thing, The Game, left the scene unscathed. He uploaded a video to Instagram immediately after his rival rapper Stitches was knocked out, looking absolutely thrilled about how everything went down.

"@Stitches need stitches 😂😂😂😂😂😂 aye @Wack100 young boy got a f***in glass jaw," the Game captioned the video. "Boy was out cold for about 45 seconds after that coldddddd right.... Tried to get up, fell back down......"

According to the Source, the fact that the rapper Stitches was knocked out may have been a good thing, because local police feared he may have been planning a drive-by shooting the entire time. You can see Stitches' mugshot below with a visibly busted lip, ironically requiring stitches.

Rapper Stitches. (Photo via Miami Police Department)

According to the Miami New Times, the rapper Stitches' rough night got even worse after police charged him with resisting arrest without violence, possession of marijuana, failing to obey a police officer, and driving with a suspended license. The Game's manager was charged with battery and resisting arrest without violence.

The rivalry between the rappers appears to have been started by Stitches, who recorded a diss track against The Game and posted a series of videos insulting the rapper and his children.

You can watch the full sequence of events between the rappers play out in the video below, including the individual clips uploaded by Stitches and The Game before and after the fight broke out.

What do you think about the brawl between the rappers Stitches and The Game? Do you think either of them was in the right, or could the violence have been avoided?

[Photo via Miami Police Department]