‘Last Chance For Christmas’: Prancer Has A Cracked Hoof In Lifetime Movie Starring Tim Matheson, Hilarie Burton, And Gabriel Hogan

Last Chance For Christmas is a brand new fantasy holiday movie that is on the slate to premiere on Lifetime Television in two days. Inquisitr recently brought you coverage of another Christmas movie that debuted on lifetime entitled The Christmas Gift. This weekend, TV viewers get the chance to enjoy more of Lifetime’s quality programming by watching Last Chance For Christmas, starring Tim Matheson. It also stars Hilarie Burton as Annie and Gabriel Hogan as John. While Lifetime’s latest Christmas movies will be appealing to some, for other die-hard Lifetime movie fans, it won’t bring the kind of anticipation and excitement that Lifetime’s sexy romance and true-crime movies bring. Despite this, most will have no problem allowing Lifetime’s Last Chance For Christmas to lift their holiday mood.

Last Chance For Christmas movie synopsis

This world premiere movie is set around Miller Reindeer Ranch, where Prancer is in need of some hoof repair. When Santa’s stable hand, John Stockman, informs him that there is a crack in Prancer’s hoof, Santa is immediately alarmed since that means that he won’t be able to fly. Not delivering the toys in time for Christmas is not an option, so Santa insists that John find a replacement. Things are looking up for John when he comes across Frankie, a beautiful reindeer that belongs to a charming 8-year-old girl. Now, John just has to convince the little girl’s mother, Annie, to allow him to use Frankie as a sub. Convincing Annie to allow him to take Frankie up to the North Pole is not as easy as he thinks. As he works on trying to get Annie to believe that he is actually one of Santa’s helpers, he realizes that he is falling deeply in love with her, which complicates the situation even more. Will John get Frankie up to the North Pole in time to save Christmas? And will Annie push her cynical attitude aside to make room for love?

Beautiful powdery snow scenes against a background of dark green pines with pops of red adorn this fantasy movie. Last Chance Christmas is the sort of good feeling movie that the entire family can enjoy just before the upcoming holiday season.

Lifetime’s Last Chance For Christmas is the perfect choice for a cozy Sunday evening. Fill your heart with joy by taking the time to tune in to Lifetime Television on Sunday, December 6, at 9/8 central. After the movie, be sure to voice how much you liked it by using hashtag #LastChanceForChristmas.

Prancer is one of several imaginary reindeer that helps fly Santa’s sleigh. Gaining popularity generations ago, the story of Prancer is depicted in several movies, including 2002’s The Santa Clause 2, 1998’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie, and 1989’s Prancer.

Here are the cast bios, according to CBC News and IMDB.

“Gabriel has been acting on television and in films since he was young. On television he is known for his roles as Ian Farnham in Traders, and as Mitch Barsworth in The Associates, but he has appeared in numerous television movies and mini-series, including Flashpoint and The Bridge, and most recently as young Joe Kennedy in The Kennedys. He also played Danny Sless in 21 episodes over two seasons on King. Other television movies Gabe has been in include Murder in the Hamptons, Crazy Canucks, Widow on the Hill and Mayday. His feature film work includes roles in Peacekeepers, Canada Russia ’72 (playing Ken Dryden), The One, Head In The Clouds, Accidental Friendship and Show Me.

“[Hilarie Burton has appeared on] Dawson’s Creek (1998) episode, “Dawson’s Creek: 100 Light Years from Home” (2002). Soon after, she got the role that started her Hollywood fame, as “Peyton Sawyer” on One Tree Hill (2003). While working on One Tree Hill, she worked on movies, such as Our Very Own (2005), The List (2007), Normal Adolescent Behavior (2007), and Solstice (2008), with her One Tree Hill co-star, Elisabeth Harnois.”

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