‘Teen Mom OG’ Returns To MTV In 2016

Teen Mom OG is returning to television next year. The show will follow the original Teen Mom stars as they adjust to life after being teenage mothers. All four women will be appearing, even after Farrah Abraham had regrets about coming back to the franchise mid-season earlier this year. According to MTV, Teen Mom OG will begin airing in 2016 and an official air date will be released next week. The Teen Mom OG trailer will be released on the official Facebook page along with other details fans are looking forward to finding out.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra have been the only couple who remained together from the very beginning. They are also the only Teen Mom couple to ever place a baby for adoption. Their daughter Carly was placed for adoption, though they do have visits with her from time to time. The Baltierras welcomed another daughter earlier this year on Teen Mom OG. Novalee is growing up while on the show and fans get to watch as the newlyweds and new parents adjust to life with a baby. In fact, their first time away from Novalee was chronicled on Teen Mom OG as they prepared for the reunion show.


Farrah Abraham entered the first season of Teen Mom OG mid-way through taping. It was not a welcoming experience for Abraham, especially when Maci Bookout decided to quit over the decision. While she later returned, much of the blame fell on Abraham. During last season, Farrah Abraham introduced her boyfriend Simon to the world. They are no longer dating and it appeared things were tense between the two around the time the Teen Mom OG reunion aired. According to In Touch Weekly, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is likely feuding with her older sister. This may be chronicled on the new season of Teen Mom OG, so stay tuned!

Maci Bookout and her boyfriend Taylor were planning the arrival of their daughter when Teen Mom OG ended. Shortly after it finished airing, Jayde Carter was born. Maci Bookout has signed on for the new season of Teen Mom OG, but there are no details available about what her stipulations were. Maci and Taylor talked about engagement prior to having their daughter, but it wasn’t something he was incredibly serious about. The new season will touch upon that and where the couple is headed in the next few years.


Finally, Teen Mom OG fans will find out where Amber stands in her life. She has been dealt some rough cards which landed her in prison for some time, and that allowed for Gary to get full custody of their daughter Leah. Teen Mom OG chronicled how the dynamic had changed since Amber had been gone and the issues that were happening as both Amber and Gary tried to co-parent. They both had separate relationships, and Gary recently married the woman he was seeing and had another child. Amber got engaged last season on Teen Mom OG, but it wasn’t clear things would work out.

Teen Mom OG will be returning to MTV for a brand new season in 2016. There will be an official announcement along with the new season trailer released on Facebook in just a few days. Teen Mom OG was new last season and it showed promise for the network. Keeping up to date with the original Teen Mom girls has been important to the network, including doing the routine reunion specials once the season ends. Teen Mom OG should begin airing in the spring, though sooner is possible. There has been no information about when the actual filming for Teen Mom OG began, just that it would definitely be returning.

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