Death Row Inmate Requests And Consumes 29,000 Calorie Last Meal

Every inmate on death row is entitled to their last meal. I’m not sure when this tradition started or why, but it seems to make sense. A Mississippi grocery store butcher took this tradition to the extreme, asking for a final meal of a whopping 29,000 calories which probably would have killed him by itself if the state hadn’t gotten to him first.

The crime: Gary Carl Simmons Jr. was executed Wednesday for the murder of of a man and the subsequent rape of his girlfriend. Simmons, 49, carved up 21-year-old Jeffery Wolfe with his butcher knives, dismembering the young man in a bathtub and scattering the remains in a bayou by his home back in 1996. Afterwards, he hog-tied Wolfe’s girlfriend and raped her. The events leading to the crime began when Wolfe and girlfriend arrived at Simmons’ home to collect a drug debt. After Wolfe’s death, Simmons proceeded to rape the young girl, telling her that “her life depended on how well she performed sexually,” according to Reuters.

What’s on the menu: Before his Wednesday evening execution, Simmons requested a 29,000 calorie meal, later announced by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, reports Chron. The meal comprised of one Pizza Hut medium Super Supreme Deep Dish pizza, 10 packs of Parmesan cheese, 10 packs of ranch dressing, a family-size bag of nacho cheese Doritos, 8 ounces of jalapeno nacho cheese, 4 ounces of sliced jalapeno peppers, 2 large strawberry milkshakes, two cherry Cokes, one super-sized order of McDonald’s fries with extra ketchup and mayo and two pints of strawberry ice cream. On the pizza, he requested twice the normal amount of tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, jalapeno peppers and pepperoni, and a regular helping of 3 cheeses, olives, bell peppers, tomato, garlic, and Italian sausage, reports NY Daily.

Good. Lord.

We don’t know how much of the meal he was able to finish, but he was at least halfway through an hour before his execution. The entire meal was a stomach-churning 29,000 calories and 2000 grams of fat. That’s what an average man puts away in a two-week time span, notes MSN.

Wolfe’s father was at the execution, telling reporters that Simmons is a “piece of trash” who will “burn in hell.” “When you take your last breath, I’ll be going to have a cold beer,” he said.

Eerily, Simmons’ last words didn’t exactly fit the brutality of his crimes. “I’ve been blessed to be loved by some good people, by some amazing people,” Simmons said. “I thank them for their support. Now, let’s get it on so these people can go home. That’s it.”

What do you think? Are there really any words?