Made In Love: Startup Condom Company Designs Rubbers With Artistic Masterpieces So Couples Can ‘Make Love With Art’

Back in the 1920s, a new form of contraception was made that is still used to this day, the condom. Its basic design hasn’t improved much since those days, but it has gone through numerous gimmicks to appeal to those engaging in coitus. Besides the sexual preferences of having condoms ribbed, ultra-thin, flavored to taste like fruit, or the like, they have also been made to cater to people’s preferences as well as sexual safety. An example of the former would be organically flavored vegan condoms that some people in the green community are now using. As for the latter, a new glowing condom was made that glows when exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

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Now there is a new condom being made that will appear to art enthusiasts. Made With Love just created a condom with art designs on it. For men, they could have artistic masterpieces wrapped around their manhood. For women, they could have art inside of them. In a way, couples can now make love to art.

Three sisters, Lizza, Julia, and Manon, founded Made In Love, a startup company that crafted a line of artist-made condoms, or condoms with artistic designs right on them, as reported by Huffington Post. Apparently, they’re endeavor was driven by the lack of cosmetic choices pertaining to condoms as well as the fact that condoms are often seen as a hindrance.

“The three of us noticed that the condom did not evolve since years. Why only blue condoms? Or green? When technology allows us to do so much more! We wanted to change the image of condoms as a constraint and transform it into an object of pleasure and of graphic curiosity. We want to offer condoms that enables you to distinguish yourself till the end of your intimacy, while preserving the best technical qualities of the market.”

The peculiar venture merged the realms of art and sex in a way nobody would have ever imagined. Though it seems to be quite a popular idea as shown on Made In Love’s official website, it is still in the crowdfunding phase. At this moment, Made In Love is still raising the funds to take off their new condom endeavor through Paris-based crowdfunding site Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. They do have plenty of artists designing the art on the condoms to entice people, including Maëlle De La Forge, Alex & Marine, Anna Borowski, and Lilyloca (the aforementioned artists’ contributions are limited-edition). For now, most of the art on condoms are abstractions of bright colors and unique shapes.

Even though Made In Love is getting a lot of attention for an innovative concept towards condoms, said concept is not originally theirs. Made In Love has openly admitted they are not the first company to create condoms with artistic graphics on them, as reported by Hyperallergic. One such company they mention is Graphic Armor. According to Graphic Armor’s official website, the condoms are custom designs by user preferences. This includes custom imprinted condom foils, print designs (like animal designs for example), or even designs based on pop culture such as the Star Wars Franchise or the band Kiss.

Where Made In Love differentiates itself from Graphic Armor is that they promote themselves as a company that creates artistic condoms designed by today’s contemporary artists. As a means to enforce such a view, their campaign includes numerous pictures of classical Greek statues of men sporting erections while donning the artistically stylish condoms Made In Love creates.

Made In Love hopes to attain a goal of €15,000 within 17 days. They so far have raised a little over €3,400 from 62 supporters. Just like any crowdfunding campaign, they provide goodies for the amount supporters give, ranging for limited artwork, calenders, and even special box sets.

[Image via Made In Love]