Scott Weiland's Wife Denied He Was Using Drugs Again, Death Not Drug Related

Scott Weiland, 48, and lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots, died last night of unknown cause, but sources are saying that it was cardiac arrest. The big question seems to be if Weiland's death was drug related, as he has had addiction problems in the past, but his wife Jamie is adamant that Weiland was clean and had been for years.

According to TMZ, Weiland died last night, unresponsive in his tour bus outside his concert venue in Minnesota. The official statement right now is that Weiland died in his sleep, but as soon as the news posted, many began to speculate that there had to be drugs involved in the death, namely cocaine and crack. Even while in shock, Jamie Weiland is defending her husband's reputation by saying he was clean.

Jamie Weiland made a public statement today to stress that Scott Weiland was clean at the time of his death, but the same can't be true of his band mates according to TMZ.

"Scott Weiland's wife says her husband was clean when he died. Jamie Weiland tells us her husband had not been doing any drugs for years... although she admits he has been drinking socially. Our sources say drugs were found on the bus, but Jamie insists they were not Scott's."

Jamie Weiland explains that the band had made a pact not to use drugs on tour, but she says that the pact was broken, but not by her husband.

Variety is reporting that after finding Weiland dead, the police found cocaine on the tour bus belonging to another band member, and he was arrested. Bassist Tommy Black was taken into police custody.

"Black, Weiland's Wildabouts bandmate, was arrested and booked for Probable Cause Felony 5th Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance. He's being held at the the Bloomington, MN Police Department awaiting charges. The department stated there was no information at this time related to the cause of Weiland's death."

According to the Mirror, Jamie Weiland insists that Scott Weiland had stopped doing drugs, and will keep that opinion until there is some solid proof otherwise.

"Jamie, who was touring with the group until a week ago, has said: 'He [Scott] was the best he has ever been'."

But it will be an uphill battle for Weiland to preserve her husband's good name, as friends are coming forward to say that Weiland hadn't returned to heroin use, but that crack was a must-have in his life, especially on tour.

"Following Weiland's death sources have come forward to say they believe that while the musician had not fallen victim to heroin abuse - an addiction which plagued him for years - crack was central in the days before he died."

Sadly, many of those coming forward to say that Weiland was back to using drugs are his friends, according to TMZ.

"Our music sources say Scott had NOT slipped back into heroin abuse -- something that had plagued him during much of his adult life. But we're told crack, as well as heavy drinking, were front and center in the days before he died."

There will be no final answer until the coroner reveals the details of his toxicology tests and gives an official cause of death.

Do you think Scott Weiland died of natural causes, or was he back to doing drugs?

[Photo courtesy of Dan Steinberg/AP]