‘Once Upon A Time’ Winter Finale Spoilers Tease What’s Next In Season 5B

Once Upon a Time fans were shocked by the twist that brought a second Dark One to Storybrooke in November. Emma will try to reason with Hook before he is able to summon all of the other Dark Ones and bring them to town.

However, fans know that Emma and the rest of the heroes are too late on that front. Hook met the boat carrying all of the previous Dark Ones at the end of the last episode.

Yahoo! TV shared a new sneak peek for the Once Upon a Time winter finale on Friday, and it shows Emma looking determined and ready to find Hook. At first, she wants to take on the task on her own, but she soon changes her mind. She realizes that the heroes need to hit him with everything they have and take him down.

Her mother does ask her about the decision to kill him. This is the man she loves after all. Emma makes it clear that the man she loved died in Camelot.

Emma does not really have the best of luck in the romance department, does she? She has lost four loves over just five seasons. Do not forget Graham from season one. Can the heroes save Hook? It does seem possible because fans will see a younger Hook during the second half of season five. Fans will just need to tune in and watch how the heroes manage to do it.

Colin O’Donoghue teased some about the winter finale of Once Upon a Time to TV Guide, and it does not sound good. He said, “Hook is so angry with her for doing the one thing he asked her not to do, turning him dark, when he knew he would have no power over it. He’s like a really p****d off-boyfriend.”

The teasers for the episode do state that Hook’s actions will “devastate” Emma. The sneak peek shows Emma already in a horrible and sad state. What else will Hook do to hurt her during the winter finale?

O’Donoghue did reveal more about Hook’s plan, and it will have a huge impact on the second half of season five. Fans should prepare themselves for some time in the underworld. It appears that Hook’s plan to open the portal will include banishing people to that realm. He teased that “I can’t reveal too much in talking about it because it’s part of the second half of the season, but it’s worse than death.”

The actor did say that the heroes will be ready to battle the Dark Ones, but it does not sound like they will win the initial battle. Some or all of the main cast can expect some time in the underworld during the second half of season five.

Colin O’Donoghue revealed to TV Line that his plan is to send Rumpelstiltskin to that realm, but he might not get what he wants exactly.

As always, Adam Horowitz shared two script teasers for the upcoming winter finale episode, and one of those teasers should have fans worried just a bit.

Emma and Regina are featured in the second teaser above. Emma did ask Regina to take care of her if she was to ever go too dark. Could that teaser relate to that promise? Fans will need to tune in to find out what that teaser relates to on this week’s episode.

It is safe to say that series has taken a dark turn with the arrival of the Dark Hook and the open portal to the underworld.

Who will end up banished to the underworld? Will it be Storybrooke’s heroes? Once Upon a Time will air its winter finale on Sunday night on ABC.

[Photo via ABC]