Missing Teen’s Stepdad Credits Nicolas Cage With Girl’s Rescue, Wants To Buy Actor A Beer

For a couple minutes last month, Nicholas Cage stood next to a desperate father for a quick picture and may have assisted police in finding a missing teen.

At the very least, Cage brought much-needed attention to the case of 15-year-old Alexis Boroviak; his photo with her step-father, Britton Ramsey, went viral late last month The missing teen was found this week, after nearly a month in captivity.

The man accused of kidnapping and then raping her, Chris Schroeder, 41, is now in custody facing federal and state charges.


According to Perez Hilton, Ramsey is giving a lot of credit to Nicholas Cage for helping recover the missing teen. Nicholas was filming a movie in Cleveland, a couple weeks after the teen disappeared, when Britton asked him for a quick pic and to hold one of his “missing” posters, WKYC recounted.

“We took the picture, he said he hopes for the best and good luck,” said local pastor Angel Arroyo Jr., who helped arranged the photo with Cage, the Inquisitr previously reported. “He was truly a nice guy, nothing major. Just trying to do whatever we can to get her story out there.”


Britton said his picture with Nicholas was the key to cracking the case because it gave him some recognition, too. People recognized his face from the viral picture and he was able to navigate bad neighborhoods, where people called Ramsey the “Nicholas Cage Guy,” and offered to help in the search.

It’s not clear how Ramsay’s personal efforts assisted in the investigation, but according to Fox8, police have credited a fake Facebook page as the critical piece of evidence that helped them finally track Boroviak down.

She vanished on November 8 from her Brooklyn, Ohio home while walking her dog. She was found Tuesday in Missouri, but the story she’s recounted upon her safe return is disturbing. She said she met Schroeder through an Internet chat form in October or early November. Alexis, whose boyfriend had recently been shot and killed, confessed to the stranger she wasn’t happy and he offered to help her. She told him she was 15.

So, on November 8, he arrived near her home to pick her up. She got in his vehicle and immediately, she said Chris began to make demands. He forced her to remove the SIM card in her phone, then broke it and told her to turn off its battery; eventually, he threw it in a river, KSDK added.


Though the girl wasn’t told where they were headed, her abductor did tell her that when they arrived, he intended to have sex with her there immediately. When she was finally in his house, the missing teen’s job, she told police, was to clean and have sex with him. She wasn’t allowed to use the Internet or phone without permission, prohibited from using her name, and ordered to dye or cut her hair and lose weight.

Over the next weeks, she asked to go home, but he refused. Boroviak told investigators there were guns in the house and she was afraid. After they found her this week, police found cameras in his bedroom that were pointed at the bed, and recovered video of him having sex with the girl.

Thankfully, the missing teen is now finally at home and her kidnapper in jail on $10,000 bond. He is facing federal charges for transporting a minor across state lines for sex, and is facing federal child porn charges, as well as state charges of second-degree statutory rape.

Though it’s not exactly clear that Britton’s photo with Nicholas did anything more than cast a spotlight on his step-daughter’s case, he told TMZ he wants to buy Cage a beer.

[Photo By Jason Kempin / Getty Images]