‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: Big Issues For Meredith Are Coming

Grey’s Anatomy fans have two months to wait for the return of the popular ABC series, but there are teasers for the mid-season premiere promising big things for everyone on the series.

According to Wetpaint Entertainment, Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Episode 9 will feature Denzel Washington working behind the camera. His directing an episode of the series was teased earlier this season.

There has been footage of him working on the set released in November, and his episode might have Meredith Grey dealing with some major issues. A short video from the set showed Meredith being wheeled away in a wheelchair by Bailey. She is wearing an arm cast and a leg cast.

No word on what put Meredith in that condition, but it does not look good at all for Meredith Grey. She has been through a lot on the series since earlier this year. The death of Derek Shepherd shocked fans last April.

A time jump on the series has pushed viewers almost two years since his death, but it is safe to say that Meredith has not had an easy time of it.

However, Ellen Pompeo is promising her best work on the mid-season premiere. She praised Denzel Washington’s work as a director for the episode, as well. She said, “It’s for sure the [best] thing I’ve ever done on the show. We’ve never had anybody of his caliber come and direct our show ever. His charisma, he changes the energy in the room completely. Everybody is just at the top of their game. [He’s] amazing. Let’s just say I’m a huge fan. It’s a total dream come true.”

It is safe to say Washington is one of the biggest names to work on the series, on or off camera. The cast and crew shared photos of him on set.

During Season 11 of the series, Geena Davis joined the series in a recurring role for several episodes. Debbie Allen has also appeared on the series, and she now works full-time behind the scenes after bringing Catherine Avery to life for several seasons.

After 12 years on the air, it does make one wonder how the series manages to keep viewers tuning in week after week. With the exit of Patrick Dempsey, some fans wondered if the end of the series was near.

That does not appear to be the case. Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 has brought a new life to series. Derek’s exit did not kill the show, but his death did change it. Shonda Rhimes teased before the season premiere that she was hoping to bring more light to the series. She wanted to return to the fun of Season 1. She has done that, but she has kept the serious tone of the drama as well.

With the entrance of Penny to the series, the depth and seriousness of Derek’s death and the impact it had on all that knew him has been kept. However, the trio of Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia living together, Maggie’s affair with one of the interns, and the continued relationship of Alex and Jo has brought some more fun to the series.

Christian Post teased that the mid-season premiere, titled, “The Sound of Silence,” will answer a lot of questions. The winter finale ended with a lot of unanswered questions. Will Jo say yes to Alex? Will Jackson ask April for a divorce again? Will Meredith find love with the new man at Grey-Sloan?

Fans are also wondering about the story behind Owen’s anger with the new arrival. Only half of that story is known right now.

Grey’s Anatomy will return to ABC on February 11. Are you excited to see what happens next on this series?

[Image via ABC]