Jimmy Fallon Hands Over To Matthew Broderick, Who Forgets Who He’s Interviewing

Jimmy Fallon can sing it! On Friday night’s show, he brought in some amazing singing talent and he put it to good use. Rashida Jones joined Jimmy Fallon, and the two of them had some fun belting out holiday parodies, accompanied by none other than Queen Latifa and Eric Nally. Check it out.

Jimmy Fallon is one funny guy and his guests know how to get right on board. Bustle gave some examples of the lyrics they used in their Christmas parodies.

“He puts his toys onto his sleigh/He comes around on Christmas day/Santa Claus is on his way/As he flies across the USA.”

And how about this?

“I’ve got deals on Black Friday/So, I’m gon’ trample you, get out of the way.”

Just Jared reports they parodied celebrity songs, such as Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” Drake’s “Hotling Bling,” Rihanna’s “B***h Better Have My Money,” and Fetty Wap’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

Too funny! Rashida Jones also played the game “Would You Rather?” which she handled with a high degree of class.

And what odd questions she was asked. Sweat broccoli and cheddar soup or have every movie you ever watch slowly turn into Shrek halfway through? Really?

The fun with Rashida Jones happened the day after Thanksgiving, but the day before Thanksgiving was also a blast. Entertainment Weekly reports that Jimmy Fallon had Nathan Lane on The Tonight Show and they played the hilarious game “Kid Dictionary.” Since he recently published a children’s picture book called Naughty Mabel, Lane felt he was top dog when it came to the game.

“Nobody’s better than me.”

The first kid to give a definition didn’t stump Lane.

“That is a thing when you work so long you’re very old and then ‘Oof!’”

Lane guessed retirement and he was right! Then Matthew Broderick showed up and the three of them went a little nuts.

Lane and Broderick have a new play they co-wrote called “It’s Only A Play,” which they were there to discuss, but first Jimmy Fallon and Lane got into one whopper of a fight.

Once they got over their tiff, Jimmy Fallon decided to mix things up a little. He had them all switch places and impersonate each other to the sounding of an air horn. At one point, Broderick forgot who he was impersonating!

Jimmy Fallon must be making a huge impression with fans because Deadline reports that he successfully achieved The Tonight Show‘s biggest demo margin to date this past week. He beat out Stephen Colbert by a 79 percent margin! This has made it the fifth week in a row that Fallon has had better ratings, barring a week of Colbert encores that were aired.

Besides being the king of late night talk show hosts, Jimmy Fallon has been busy bringing back the pockets square – sort of. GQ reports that Fallon was tired of seeing his staff’s iPhones sticking out of their blazer pockets, so he hot glued a pocket square into an iPhone case and viola! Instant class and style! This is now known as the Pocket Dial. Fallon is promoting the Pocket Dial with pride and humor.

He has teamed up with J. Crew to produce these little pocket gems and all proceeds will go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Kudos to Jimmy Fallon for making a difference in the world through his humor, his fabulous ideas, and his commitment to charity.

[Photos by Anthony Harvey, Joshua Blanchard, Al Bello, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]