Niall Horan’s Tattoo Scare On The ‘Late Late Show': Harry Gets Inked On Live TV!

Niall Horan worked up a good sweat on James Corden's "Late Late Show" last night, when him and bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson took part in a "Tattoo Roulette" game.

Host James Corden introduced the activity as, "the craziest game we've ever had on our show," and admitted "regretting thinking" about it right before the five guys launched into their very own "Deal Or No Deal." Niall Horan, the last band member not to have ink on his body, was visibly highly anxious about the idea of breaking his tattoo virginity with so little preparation and on live TV.

All members got to choose their red box and stand in a line, before slowly revealing the content to the camera one by one. The loser -- the one who ended up with the TATTOO box instead of the SAFE box -- was to get a tattoo live on TV. Corden would have got "1D" but in the case of the loser being a One Direction member, the phrase "Late Late" would be tattooed in the place of their choice.

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Horan and Styles are great friends and the band is talking of going on holiday together. [Photo via Instagram/OneDirection]
Niall Horan was visibly anxious at the thought of getting a tattoo. (Photo via YouTube/TheLateLateShow)

Niall Horan could barely stand still and he was last in line. He had lots of time to get worked up waiting for his bandmates and James Corden to open their box. Unfortunately for him, the first three -- Liam, Louis and James -- all got a safe box; meaning it was going to be between bandmate Harry Styles and himself.

Harry, on the other hand, appears relaxed and unbothered. With a tattoo count now exceeding 60, there's little about the needle and ink that can still threaten the heartthrob. Niall, on the other hand, has done a very good job at resisting the tattoo trend, and it's lucky for him that record didn't have to be broken last night.

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Niall was relieved when he found out he was safe. [Photo via YouTube/TheLateLateShow]

Visibly anxious at the thought of it, Niall got sweaty palms, began to breathe heavily, and was fidgeting a lot. But, it wasn't all bad for the Irish lad on Corden's show; he got to make a great impression by showing off his acting skills and accent abilities.

Even fellow guest Billy Crystal was impressed. Niall Horan admitted he liked doing accents on tour, whenever One Direction is in another country, and so he demonstrated his Spanish accent and his New York one. Horan also did his very own James Bond introduction after admitting he'd jokingly said he would play the British spy in the next adaptation of Ian Fleming's stories.

The sense of relief on Niall Horan's face when Harry got the losing box is really worth watching, and makes us think that even if the whole thing was staged (Styles does appear very chill, even for someone who isn't scared of tattoos), maybe Horan wasn't in on it as his emotions do seem very real.

RTE reports that all in all, Niall made a great impression on Corden's show by pleasing the audience with his accents and getting into the spirit of the games.

The boys announced they would probably be going on holiday together during their two-year hiatus, scheduled to start in March of 2016. Corden appeared surprised, but it's no wonder Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis will have some difficulty spending time apart after the last five years of intense touring together.

[Picture by Cooper Neill/Getty Images]