WWE News: Update On Jeff Hardy Potentially Wrestling In WWE By ‘WrestleMania 32’

The Dudleyz returned to the WWE the night after SummerSlam and challenged for the WWE Tag-Team championship on numerous occasions. Their first feud was with the New Day. While losing both title matches, it derailed the progress of the future WWE Hall of Famers. It ended as an attempt to push the New Day in the right direction. Now, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are the hottest thing in the WWE.

The shift isn’t all credited to the Dudley Boyz’ push, but they have put over the young, upstart champions. Many in the WWE Universe thought they should’ve won the belt in a long-term feud. WWE officials believed otherwise and now they are in a feud against the Wyatt Family. On WWE Raw, Tommy Dreamer returned to aide Bubba Ray and Devon. Another ECW legend is rumored to return and give them a fourth partner.

It’s not who the Dudley Boyz are feuding with right now that matters, but who they should feud with in the future. Their WWE contract is unknown at the moment, but something is missing in their reunion tour. Jeff and Matt Hardy are what’s missing. Jeff is in TNA, while Matt is currently wrestling the Indy scene. WWE fans want to see a rematch between the Dudleyz and Hardyz. Will it ever happen?

According to E-Wrestling News and Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net, a rumor of Jeff Hardy returning to the WWE isn’t out of the question.

“Hardy was telling people at the WrestleCade event this past weekend that he is more open to a WWE return than has been in the past.

“One of the things that kept Hardy from returning to the company was the brutal schedule that WWE has. Now, Hardy is more open to working WWE’s schedule.

“It should be noted that Hardy was telling people at the event that he will be out another nine months because he will have to undergo another surgery.”

This gives WWE fans hope that at least Jeff will return to the company. If Jeff does come back, that gives more hope that Matt will come with him. At the moment, there’s a good reason why they won’t come back to the WWE. Disregarding money, many fans feel the WWE isn’t a good place to be. Each episode of WWE Raw seems to get more illogical by the day and it’s not looking up.

If they are supposed to come to WWE NXT, that might be a spectacular hit with fans. Bubba Ray and Devon spoke about potentially wrestling at NXT.

“They have a lot of really quality teams down there. And as far as the Dudleyz going to NXT is concerned, all they have to do is make a phone call, we’d be more than happy to help out.”

The reaction and respect they’d receive would blow the roof off the building in Full Sail. WWE NXT officials have an interesting opportunity for the weekend of WrestleMania. Understanding that the WWE’s main demographic is children and families, not many would even remember who the Hardyz were. That’s the unfortunate truth about the majority of the casual fanbase.

Putting the Hardyz and Dudleyz in WWE NXT for a huge TLC Ladder match at WrestleMania weekend could capitalize on a big evening of wrestling. WWE NXT was able to sellout the Barclays Center in under an hour. Alongside two of the best tag-teams of all-time, that match would genuinely be worthy of a co-main event.

WWE NXT officials could also put them in a triple threat, TLC Ladder match with a young-upstart tag-team. They’d put them over and just create more stars. WWE NXT is good about doing that, much more so than the main roster.

[Image via WWE]