Boy Smoking Pot Video: Police Probe Video Leaked Of 5-Year-Old Smoking Marijuana [Video]

A young boy seen smoking pot in a video is going viral. Chicago police are in the midst of a probe to find out more about who the child is and who gave him the substance.

The video recently surfaced, appearing to show a child of about 4 or 5 years of age smoking marijuana, CBS Chicago reported,

Someone off-camera can be heard coaching the boy to “inhale it.” The child smokes what looks to be a marijuana cigarette. The boy also seems familiar with smoking the pot in the video. He comes off as experienced in a way that it’s clear he’s done this kind of thing before.

Watch the video below as the boy smokes pot and a cloud of smoke is formed.

Community activist Andrew Holmes was given the video from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. He was concerned about the welfare of the child and wanted someone to investigate, so he handed the footage to Area South Special Victims unit. Detectives on the team are in the process of hunting down the boy and person responsible for providing him with the drug.

Sources reveal that an IP address linked with the video led detectives to west suburban Bellwood; police haven’t confirmed that information.

Holmes was shocked at what he saw unfolding on the video. He explains that a child of this age being exposed to smoking like this may well lead to other problems later in his life.

“I’m very worried, because there ain’t no telling how long this child has been smoking, and this child may have behavioral problems later on in life,” Holmes said. “I don’t want this child to become a drug addict, so I’m seeking immediate help to identify this child, and also the perpetrators.”

According to NBC Chicago, the man who’s encouraging the boy to smoke is heard saying, “Let me hit that, okay?.” He says this to the boy at least two times before he puts the joint in his mouth.

The boy is seen wearing a diaper and sitting on a chair while being recorded smoking pot on the video.

“This is sickening,” Holmes said. “This child needs help ASAP if he hasn’t had help already. It’s disturbing to hear the adult that was in the background to let them hit it and they’re telling the child to inhale.”

If police find the individual that gave the boy the marijuana, he could face child endangerment charges. Additionally, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services might be contacted to potentially remove the child from his current home if an investigation shows he was given illegal drugs.

More and more videos surface of kids smoking marijuana (DarkEvil/Commons Wikimedia).

The Illinois Attorney General’s office said it’s not currently investigating the video of the child smoking marijuana.

There’s no way to tell when the video was taken of the boy smoking pot. Holmes gave the video to detectives on Wednesday after it appeared on Facebook with 500 likes and 1,200 comments.

As Inquisitr reported last year, a video of a 10-year-old boy smoking marijuana stirred outrage. No adults were seen or heard in the video as the child smoked pot in the footage that lasted about ten minutes. He was trying to talk while he inhaled, but he was inaudible half of the time due to his coughing and choking.

Every few months it seems a child is seen smoking pot in a video. In a lot of cases, adults are behind it.

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