Josh Duggar Scandals Profit TLC Via ’19 Kids’ Reboot Amid Backlash: Anna’s Heartbreak Exploited By Duggars? [Video]

Josh Duggar once was regarded as the conservative oldest son of the Duggar family who sought to spread the word about the 19 Kids And Counting religious and political views. But then the news broke that Josh had molested several underage girls, including some of his sisters. TLC cancelled the Duggars’ show, and that cancellation was followed by the revelation that Josh had paid for accounts on the Ashley Madison website for infidelity. Josh then admitted to cheating on wife Anna Duggar and entered rehab to be treated for sex addiction.

Now TLC is hyping a spin-off of 19 Kids And Counting entitled Jill & Jessa: Counting On, and although the names of two sisters molested by Josh are in the title, promos thus far have shown that the focus is on Duggar’s scandals. Most recently, Anna Duggar appeared talking about her heartbreak, and rumors spread that she agreed to be one of the co-stars for the money. But Anna may have agreed to do so because her father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar forced her to participate and even scripted her words, according to Starpulse.

The Duggar family poses as a new show is in the works.
The Duggar family poses as a new show is in the works. (Image via Duggar Family Facebook)

Josh currently remains in rehab while the show is filming, leaving Anna in the role of single mom. Rumors have swirled that she is considering divorcing Josh, which would motivate her to appear in Counting On to have enough income to support herself and their four children. However, is it Jim Bob who controls the purse strings, exploiting Anna to benefit all of the Duggars?

Most recently, Anna has indicated in some ways that she’s seeking to become her own authentic self rather than be known as the “wife of Josh.” She refused her father-in-law’s bribe of a house, and attired her youngest daughter in pants against Duggar tradition.

But Anna reportedly is torn, with her young children eager to see their father again, Josh pleading that they renew their wedding vows, and the issue of how to support herself if she does exit Duggarville.

Will Anna Duggar dare to exit Duggarville?
Will Anna Duggar dare to exit Duggarville? (Image via Duggar Family Facebook)

The unknown issue is whether Jill & Jessa: Counting On will get such high ratings that TLC will transform it into a 19 Kids And Counting reboot, providing money for the Duggars who appear on the reality TV show. The current schedule calls for episodes on December 13, 20, and 27.

Two separate Facebook groups have formed that are pushing for the failure of the new show. “No More Duggars” has numerous corporations (nearly 900 thus far) who have stated that they will not sponsor the Duggar family shows, while a separate group is pushing viewers to boycott Discovery Channel programs while the Duggar’s show airs (TLC is part of the Discovery family).

As the Inquisitr reported, Josh is being sued by an adult film star for what she claims turned into an assault during what was initially consensual sex for which he paid. Danica Dillon is asking for $500,000 for emotional and physical assault. That motivated Anna to get tested for STDs, and she was told that she had a clean bill of health.

But that relief doesn’t change what her husband allegedly did, based on Danica Dillon’s lawsuit.

“Defendant manhandled Plaintiff and physically assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries. Indeed, Plaintiff felt as if she were being raped by the Defendant,” says the lawsuit.

The Duggars’ new show has raised the question of whether TLC is exploiting Josh Duggar’s victims for profit – or whether the Duggar family, headed by Jim Bob, are the ones doing the exploiting. TLC’s Facebook page for Counting On contains backlash from those who blame the network.

“TLC, can you please climb out of the Duggar’s/Seewald’s and Dillard’s behind for long enough to see that NO one wants them here anymore? Why is it you continue to condone child molestation and abuse? Please stop the madness! #boycottTLC #nomoreduggars,” reads one such post.

[Image Via Duggar Family/Facebook]