Former MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Competitors Are Bringing On The Next Generation Of Contestants — Their Kids [Photos]

A long time has passed since some of the original Real World stars made their way to The Challenge. In fact, many of them have since moved on to marry and build families of their own, ushering in a brand new generation of contestants. With that in mind, here is a look at a few former MTV The Challenge contestants and where they are now.

When it comes to procreation, no Real World alums have done more than Sean from Real World Boston and Rachel from Real World: San Francisco. After meeting on Road Rules: All Stars, Wisconsin congressman Sean wed Rachel and they went on to have seven adorable children.

Beth, who starred in Real World: Los Angeles and made a few memorable showings on The Challenge, is currently happily married to Matt Ciriello. The couple have two children together, including Julia (6) and Nicholas (4). Although she once was engaged in a heated feud with Glen and created close friendships with Tami and Jon on the reality show, Beth now busies herself with being a mom and running a business.

Real World: Back to New York star Coral once graced television screens and famously battled it out with Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Now, the former star recently gave birth to a daughter, Charlie Beatrice, in the summer of 2013. Perhaps her talents that led to multiple wins on The Challenge will be passed on to her daughter, who looks perfectly capable of such feats, even in a pink tutu.

Brad Firoenza [Image via Instagram] Brad Firoenza [Image via Instagram]Many will recall Brad’s time on Real World: San Diego, if not for being a major flirt then definitely for getting arrested while drunk in public. Although Brad never managed to win The Challenge, he did come in second place a few times. Now that he is retired from the reality world, Brad and his wife, Tori Hall – another reality alum – have two boys together, John (3) and Chase (1 month).

Although she may be the worst contestant to ever grace The Challenge, Robin did manage to make some waves on Real World: San Diego. Following her time on the series and subsequent 0-9 run in the competition, Robin has managed to give birth to two children – Ethan (5) and Raina (newborn) – who look absolutely adorable snoozing. If they ever manage to make in onto The Challenge, let’s just hope they have better luck than their mom.

Unlike Robin, Paula did manage to win a few titles on The Challenge. Although she had some issues relating to her fellow housemates on Real World: Key West, Paula has had little trouble adjusting to her new life as a mother. In fact, Paula and her husband, Jack Beckert, ushered in the newest member of their family this past summer by welcoming their son Atlas into the world. Based on their photo together, everything is all smiles with the reality star.

Paula Beckert [Image via Instagram] Paula Beckert [Image via Instagram]While all of these former The Challenge contestants are clearly living their lives to the fullest, and having a fun time doing it, this list would not be complete without mentioning Diem Brown. In fact, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, MTV is getting ready to honor the life of Brown, who passed away in November of 2014 after an intense fight with ovarian cancer that lasted three different times.

Diem and CT [Image via MTV] CT and Diem [Image via MTV]In order to honor Brown’s memory and shed more light on the problem of ovarian cancer, MTV produced a short documentary, titled Honoring Diem. The film featured a number of different interviews with close friends and family members, including Brown’s sister, Megan Brown, who testified to her sister’s strength while fighting a terrible disease.

Following Brown’s unfortunate passing, Megan has been engaged in promoting her sister’s story. In fact, Megan was active in the creation of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, which works with a Congressional caucus to further the knowledge of ovarian cancer.

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