Georgia Mom Scrubs Son’s Face With Brillo Pad For Being Too ‘Rock And Roll’

In a shocking and bizarre incident, a Georgia mom faces child cruelty charges after she used a Brillo pad to scrub her child’s face, according to media reports.

In the aftermath of the bizarre incident, the Georgia mom was taken Coweta County Jail and has since been charged with two counts of child cruelty, reckless conduct and battery, according to New York Daily News.

Veridiana Pardo Meo Erbskorn, 47, used a Brillo pad — a combination of steel wool and soap that is used for household cleaning — to wipe the eye makeup that her 12-year-old son had smeared on his face, police said. Deputies revealed that the Georgia mom did so after she got angry at her son’s changing behavior, which she attributed to his “rock and roll phase.”

According to Fox‘s Orlando affiliate, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office received a call Tuesday night from the boy’s sibling, who reportedly informed deputies that Erbskorn was using a Brillo pad to scrub her son’s face.

When the deputies reached Erbskorn’s home, they found a bar of soap and a Brillo pad with freshly used blue soap inside, according to Coweta County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Col. James Yarbrough.

The boy was immediately taken to the emergency room at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, but the extent of his injuries were not revealed in full detail. However, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that his face was sore and one of his eyes had been scratched, but hospital authorities refused to comment on whether the injuries he suffered will have a long-term effect.

If he faces permanent damage, the counts against the Georgia mom could be elevated, confirmed the police.

“You know how the Brillo pad has that kind of blue soap when you start scrubbing, that was all on his face, his ears and everything and the redness from the metal scratching,” Yarbrough said.

Furthermore, the boy complained that his vision was blurry as a result of the attack.

Later, police revealed that the Georgia mom had been unhappy about her son’s addiction to “rock and roll” culture, during which he would often sport a leather jacket, use eye liner and repeatedly attempt to dye his hair.

“He had been going through kind of a change in his life, wearing leather, putting makeup, dying his hair red,” said Yarbrough.

Her annoyance with her young son allegedly reached a fever pitch on Tuesday night when she saw the young boy smeared on eye makeup — in an attempt to replicate rock and roll stars — when the Georgia mom got hold of a Brillo pad and began scrubbing her son’s face with it, despite protestations by the poor kid.

There has been an outpouring of grief and anger on social media once the actions of the Georgia woman came to light, with some even suggesting that she should be sent to prison for her reckless actions.

[Photo via Coweta County Sheriff’s Office]