Charges Dropped Against ‘How To Date White Women’ Author Ernest Baker After Ex-GF Lauren Nostro Claimed 20 Stitches Were His Fault

Ernest Baker has been arrested, reports Page Six. Baker is a well-known music journalist who made a huge splash with an article titled, “The Reality of Dating White Women When You’re Black,” published by Gawker on June 3, 2014. Having gained more than 2 million views to date, the article by Baker made a big splash in the online world as the writer described his reasons for dating white women from a black man’s perspective.

Update: The case against Ernest has been dropped and Baker posted a series of tweets, as reported by Jezebel, in which he claims that he never hit Lauren. Baker posted screenshots of text messages he says Lauren sent him and also claims that Lauren tried to get him to sign an NDA after dropping the charges against him.

As a result of the popularity of that Gawker article, Baker announced his first book, How To Date White Women, would be on the way, as reported by Forbes. However, the status of Ernest’s How To Date White Women book is in limbo now that Baker has been arrested on domestic violence charges. The charges were in relation to an incident with Lauren Nostro, the managing editor of Complex Music. On Twitter, ‏@laurennostro published a photo of herself on Dec 2, showing what appeared to be a gash on her chin that she says came from the hands of Ernest.

According to authorizes, Ernest and Lauren got into an argument on May 5. It was 11:30 p.m. ET when Nostro and Baker had their break-up argument in their apartment in the Bedford–Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. The topic of the melee included bills that hadn’t been paid and keys and such things.

The couple’s dispute culminated with Lauren reportedly breaking Ernest’s ATM card in two, which purportedly sent Baker into a rage. Ernest allegedly choked Lauren and threw Nostro in a closet, causing her to land on the floor and strike her chin on the ground. A deep cut on her chin meant Lauren needed nearly 20 stitches afterward.

“I like people too much or not at all.”

Nostro’s police report, filed on September 20, led to Baker’s eventual arrest on November 19. The documents reflect the fact that Lauren was treated at Woodhull Medical Center for the injury to her chin. The misdemeanor assault charges against Ernest included harassment, menacing and for the alleged choking, a criminal obstruction of breathing charge. Ernest ended up being freed without bail.

For his part, Ernest has published a long denial on Twitter, seen in the above photo, which attempts to explain the situation. Baker claims he has proof that Lauren is lying about the altercation.

“Just like my ex-girlfriend said that she would lie and use her white skin as an advantage to falsely accuse me of abuse and get away with it, she’s lying about this incident. This is why, even in our trigger-happy digital world, you don’t jump to conclusions. Thank God I have proof.”

Baker claims that Nostro “beat the hell” out of him all the time. Ernest goes on to invoke Trayvon Martin, claiming Lauren made fun of the teen’s death to Baker’s face. Baker claims he has proof against Nostro, but he doesn’t detail what the alleged proof against Lauren might be. In the face of Nostro’s photo with a healed gash still prominent on her chin, it’s hard for Ernest to argue against Lauren. But still, Baker does, calling Nostro a racist who is bent on destroying his writing career.

“My ex-girlfriend’s motive for trying to sabotage my reputation and career could not be more obvious. Her bitterness and jealousy have damaged me, but my evidence will damage her even more. No one is ever who they seem to be.”

Ernest goes on to chastise “anyone who continues to support this racist abusive woman,” saying they “should be ashamed of themselves for making a mockery out of something as serious as domestic abuse.”

Baker claims Lauren called him the N-word and writes that he looks forward to a fair shake in a court of law. It’s quite an ironic turn of events for Ernest, who was promoted as an expert on dating white women. [Image via Twitter/Ernest Baker]