Apollo Nida Allegedly Did Something Really Stupid With A Stripper In Phaedra’s Home

Apollo Nida is currently serving time behind bars, serving eight years for fraud. As it turns out, Nida wasn’t on the best of terms with his wife when he got locked up. Phaedra Parks was contemplating divorce. Parks has threatened to file for divorce while he is behind bars. Parks hasn’t drawn up the papers yet; as such, she is still legally married to Nida.

As it turns out, Phaedra may have been looking for a reason to divorce Apollo Nida. It is possible she has just found a good reason. An exotic nude dancer has written a tell-all book about her relationships with celebrities, and Apollo’s name comes up in her book. Maybe this is exactly what Phaedra needs to pull the plug on her marriage.

According to a new Radar Online report, Apollo Nida is a big part of Cashaun Sidney’s new book, Sordid Panties: Celebrities, Thots, Money & Scandal. She claims she met Nida before he went to jail in 2014. He turned himself in around October, and she could be referring to his partying right before turning himself in. They supposedly met through a mutual friend at Atlanta’s Follies strip club.

“He drove up with his brother, Michael, and they escorted us and two other young ladies into the club,” she claims in the book. “We entered the bar and had a few drinks and Apollo asked us if we wanted to go to Lenox Mall, a popular mall in Atlanta that held some of the most high-end stores in the city. Of course we were game.”

While it all seems very innocent at first, it is clear that Apollo Nida had a mission. He wanted to party and he seemingly disregarded his wife, Phaedra Parks, and his two sons. After meeting up with Sidney, Apollo suggested they go out together and that meant going to change at the home he shared with Phaedra.

“We went to the mall and later as we were sitting in Bloomingdales, Apollo asked us if we wanted to accompany him to a night club where he would be heading later to meet up with a few other celebrity friends of his. We obliged. We went back to his home to get dressed …” she said. “It was evident that his wife was not in town.”

“Inside the house I started rolling the blunt of pot and just kept my mouth shut as I looked around the woman’s house in awe. I couldn’t believe in were in Phaedra’s house,” Sydney documents in her book. “Apollo poured shots of tequila for us and we proceeded to the back of the house where we sat by the pool and smoked the pot. After smoking pot, we went back into the house to prepare for our night out. We walked up stairs and he escorted us into the baby’s room. Yes the baby’s room of all the rooms. He asked my friend if she wanted to take a shower in the baby’s bathroom and she said yes…”

Sidney reveals that it is possible Apollo Nida cheated on Phaedra Parks. She doesn’t know whether her friend and Nida actually showered together in the baby’s room, but she does hint that things could have happened. One can imagine that Phaedra would see this account as the biggest slap in the face. She adamantly cares for her children and she would likely not accept this kind of disrespect.

Nida could be getting an early release. He was recently transferred to a minimum security prison, according to Atlanta Daily World. He was serving time in Kentucky, but has now been moved to New Jersey. It is quite possible he will serve some time with Joe Giudice, who is expected to turn himself in around March, 2016.

What do you think of Apollo Nida’s actions? Are you surprised he would bring women home to the residence he shared with Phaedra?

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