Kate Middleton Delivers Knockout Blow to Kim Kardashian As The Duchess Is Crowned Celebrity Top Dog Of 2015

It would appear that Kim Kardashian has lost her celebrity throne to the real deal. The royal usurper, Kate Middleton, has knocked the buxom wench off the top spot in the fame stakes, and poor Kim has been reduced to a lowly sixth place when it comes to the celebrities we’ve most obsessed over in 2015.

Obsession over celebrities is neither healthy or clever, but much like cleaning toilets, someone has to do it, and according to those in the know at OK! Magazine, Kim Kardashian must be shaking in her Louboutins right now and putting increased pressure on her already swollen and unsightly ankles.

Poor Kim! But that’s not the worst of it for the washed up Queen of reality TV. A survey of search queries in 2015 by Yahoo! UK revealed that not only had Kate Middleton ruled the roost and owned the game in the year that was, but Kim was less popular in terms of celebrities the public obsessed over in 2015 than the car crazy Jeremy Clarkson and her own stepmother Caitlyn Jenner.

How repugnant! It’s one thing playing second, sorry, sixth fiddle to bona vida royalty, but being beaten in the popularity ranks by a frizzy haired, paunchy bloke with a big red face and a booming voice is really beyond the pale. Must try harder next time, Kim, if you’re to win the hearts and minds of the British public.

Of course, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian may be chalk and cheese in terms of breeding and social backgrounds, but the two white fanged media hounds have a lot in common when it comes to garnering column inches.

Separated by the Atlantic, but unified in stardom, these two brassy brunettes have accomplished a lot. One is married to the future King of England and other has taken the term “media whore” and given it a much richer and deeper significance than anyone else in history.

Yet Kate Middleton is not just a pretty face, she’s a very lucrative cash cow, too. Reports have estimated that the Duchess of Cambridge brings millions to the U.K’s economy, and as we all know, big bucks wins big votes.

Hordes of hysterical women who would trample their next of kin in their senseless stampede to emulate the serene and stately Kate Middleton have been on a high-street rampage since the world was very kindly told that the Duchess of Cambridge is the very epitome of sophisticated style.

When it comes to spending power, the Duchess has the King Midas touch. Tribes of women who should know better scrutinize what the “commoner” wears every hour of every day, and as soon as they write about it, the clothes and outfits in question sell out in a matter of hours. It’s called “the Kate effect,” don’t you know?

Yet it’s not just Kate’s glossy brunette mane and elegant dresses that court mass appeal. Oh no! Kate is a champion of the high street and to top it all off, deep breath, she often wears the same outfit more than once and even shares clothes with her mother.

Carole Middleton that is, not the Queen. She just uses paper with the image of her mother-in-law’s face printed upon it to buy the clothes in the first place. Now top that Kardashian!

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]