'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Confirms He Does Not Know Who Is Dead In The Flash Forward

One of biggest mysteries in Season 4 of Arrow centers on the flash forward scene that featured Oliver (Stephen Amell) mourning over an unknown grave. While the identity of the person inside the grave is still not known, the scene hinted that someone close to Oliver is set to die in the current season.

Ever since the scene aired at the beginning of the season, many theories have sprung up to try and discover which character will be killed off in Season 4. As it turns out, producers have done an excellent job at keeping this huge spoiler a secret. In fact, according to Fashion & Style, even Amell does not know who is set to meet their untimely end this season.

"I don't know," Amell shared. "That's not for me to know, that's for our producers to know."

Although it would seem logical that Amell would know which character's grave Oliver was visiting, the actor went on to explain how they filmed the scene in order for him to be aware of the things his character was about to face in the new season.

'Arrow' star Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on The CW hit. [Image via The CW]
'Arrow' star Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on The CW hit. [Image via The CW]"It's only for me to know if and when I need to do something if we end up doing another flash forward in the show. I needed to know certain things about the scene without knowing who it actually was when we did the initial flash forward," Amell stated. "I just needed to simply know that the person I wanted to kill was a him and that the person in the grave was someone I cared a lot about. That's all I needed to know."

With the grave being the resting place of someone very dear to Oliver, it is still unclear how the death will affect his relationship with Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). Although Oliver and Felicity entered Season 4 of Arrow as a couple, will upcoming events mean an end for Olicity?

According to the Franchise Herald, the idea of producers making things hard for Olicity was something that was hinted at since the beginning of the season. In fact, executive producer Wendy Mericle told the outlet that rough times were ahead for the couple.

"We really wanted to explore the ups and downs of a traditional TV relationship, like we've established with Oliver and Felicity, and pretty much throw everything at it that we can and see if they'll make it through," she stated in the interview.

Will Oliver and Felicity still be happy at the end of season 4 of 'Arrow'? [Image via The CW]
Will Oliver and Felicity still be happy at the end of Season 4 of 'Arrow'? [Image via The CW]Does this mean that Oliver's relationship with Felicity is in danger? Or will they be able to withstand the challenges?

At this point, it is too early to tell how Olicity will handle everything that has gone down in recent episodes. However, as Variety has pointed out, the introduction of the newest villain, Vandal Savage, may have larger implications for Team Arrrow.

"He has a very clear plan and trajectory. The thing about Vandal is that for him a lifetime is an eye blink. He thinks in thousand-year-old terms. He's a very much a master of the long con," producer Marc Guggenheim explained. "Yes, he does have his own personal agenda vis-a-vis the Hawks. But he's got much bigger plans for the world, which you'll have to watch Legends to find out."

According to Fashion & Style, these plans may include teaming up with Damien Darhk, who needs a strong ally in his attempts to take out Team Arrow. If this ends up happening, then Oliver and his team are definitely going to have their hands full trying to take on two bad guys. This will undoubtedly be yet another challenge for Olicity to overcome and has the potential for delaying the couple's relationship.

Season 4 of Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW.

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[Image via The CW]