Megan Hiatt: Mom Of Slain Twins Speaks

Megan Hiatt was forced to hold her twins as their father killed them, her police statement said. On November 13, Hiatt, 22, said she held her two 5-month-old daughters for the last time. The Florida mom is now speaking publicly for the first time about the murders.

Travis Hiatt, 49, the father of Megan Hiatt, was also shot and killed the day the twins were slain. Gawain Rushane Wilson went into Megan's home and killed Travis, the twin baby girls, and then shot their mother, according to the police report. Wilson, 28, turned the gun on himself and died before the police arrived. She said she had to crawl through the blood of her twins and her boyfriend to reach her father and hear his last words.

"[Travis Hiatt] wanted her to tell her brother that he was the best son ever and he loved him. That was God's hand," Melissa Bateh, Megan Hiatt's mother, said during an interview with First Coast News after the murder-suicide. "Megan said her hair was 'caked in the blood of my daughters', the blood of her father and the blood of Rush [Gawain Rushane Wilson]. It's all in there."


Megan had recently broken up with boyfriend Rush Wilson. Her father was at the home to help her pack up her belongings and move away. Wilson had reportedly talked Hiatt into allowing him to come see his daughters and have a conversation with her before she left.

Megan Hiatt's mother also granted an interview with the Gospel Herald after the murders to share what her daughter said happened to her twins.

"First off, I want everyone to know that I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and that my Heavenly Father has been by my side throughout this process, and I could not be doing this without that knowledge," Hiatt said in a message shared on a GoFundMe page created to raise money for burial costs and medical expenses. The fun has raised almost $30,000 to date.

Megan Hiatt is still attempting to recover from the five gunshot wounds and is undergoing physical therapy. She noted in her message that she recently achieved a significant milestone when she was able to hold a cup in her wounded hand.

"I received a skin graph in surgery this morning for my left leg that seems to be doing well. Today marked six surgeries on that leg with a total of eight surgeries. Many more to go but I know that your thoughts, prayers, and all other efforts on my behalf haven't gone unnoticed and are all greatly appreciated. They are the reason that I am alive."


The mom of the slain twins also said that that the donations to help cover the burial costs of her babies and father brought tears to her eyes. She referred to her dad as the "knight in shining armor" for her and the twins girls. Because of the generous donations, Hiatt said her daughters were able to be buried in "beautiful white coffins" next to their grandfather.

"I don't know how to thank you for that blessing and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear friends. Emotionally, I'm taking it one day at a time, but my thoughts are becoming more clear and when I am recovered and well, I look forward to becoming a major advocate for domestic violence issues toward women and men. XOXO - Megan Rose."

Megan Hiatt and Gawain Wilson had a troubled relationship that included a history of domestic violence, the Daily Mail reports. Hiatt said that Wilson was a perfect gentleman in public and would spoil his dates, but in private he would demean and bully girlfriends. The stay-at-home mom said Wilson told her to start losing weight before she even left the hospital after giving birth and would call her "lazy" and a "whore" in private.

Hiatt's mother said that he had not been physically abusive to Megan, but had verbally raged on and broken items in the home. Former girlfriends have come forward since the murders to share their experiences on time spent dating Wilson. One woman said she now wishes she had gone to the police after Wilson had threatened her with an AK-47.

Megan Hiatt has undergone five surgeries to help repair the damage from bullet wounds to her face, torso, wrist, and leg.

[Image via Megan Rose Hiatt/Facebook]