One Direction Infinity Video – Details Leaked

One Direction announced recently that their last single (ever?) will be “Infinity,” the Coldplay-esque track from Made In The A.M. with sweeping, cosmic lyrics and some pretty string arrangements.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Niall Horan have released big-concept “blockbuster” style videos for Made In The A.M. thus far. “Infinity” will be the last One Direction single before the hiatus, so the guys will probably go for another big setting to match the epic lyrics of the song (“How many nights would it take to count the stars? That’s the time it would take to fix my heart”) or alternatively, they may do something very intimate and cozy to play up the heartfelt lyrics in the song (and to say goodbye to fans) — something similar to what they did in “Night Changes” when a date’s P.O.V. camera trick made it look like the viewer was going on dates with the One Direction guys one-by-one.

Not everybody was happy with the choice of “Infinity as the next and final One Direction single. urged the guys to make the Fleetwood Mac-influenced track “What a Feeling” their single. MTV asked fans what they thought of the choice, saying that while “Infinity” is good the Harry Styles-penned piano ballad “If I Could Fly” is the album’s most tear-inducing song.

A recent poll seemed to agree that “What A Feeling” should be the next One Direction single.


Some fans noted that everybody seemed to be against the “Infinity” selection and urged the One Direction guys to reconsider their choice. Polls revealed a 50/50 split on the controversial new single, with some polls finding a slightly-favorable overall result and others a slightly-unfavorable (less than 50% support) result.


Meanwhile, some information about the location of the “Infinity” video have just leaked. Somebody found a production information sheet purported to be about the One Direction single, and posted it on Twitter.


Some pictures of the location – 932 Wilson Street in Los Angeles – also surfaced.


The production info sheet reads that aerial photography will be employed. Drones (unmanned vehicles) will apparently even be used, to get the smooth, sweeping landscape shots that only a machine can.

The 932 Wilson Street location apparently has an open rooftop, which would allow for sweeping sky shots to be filmed, as they were in “Perfect” by Sophie Muller.

The video will probably incorporate some starry night sky shots – remember that the lyrics of “Infinity” center around the heartbreak of a man who feels that, if he tried to count the times he has yearned for his lover or the time it would take to fix his heart, it would take about as long as the time required to “count the stars.”

Perhaps we will see a video of the guys gazing at those stars as they try to contemplate this mammoth task. The cry of “Infinity” in the chorus will be delivered with a combination of lovesickness, earnestness and a sense of being utterly overwhelmed.

Another theory centers around the One Direction guys’ mysterious trip to Mexico. Why exactly did they head there to film a single television appearance and do one mere press conference? It seems out of character for the super-busy, globe-conquering boy-banders, who usually get a few appearances under their belt wherever they go.

Perhaps a desert shoot on the starry Mexican isthmus was the true purpose of the recent One Direction trip. Or perhaps the guys’ stop in Dallas, Texas was followed by a stint in New Mexico.

CNN notes that some of the most beautiful starry skies in the world can be found in New Mexico.

Jennifer Lopez shot an atmospheric video in Mexico a few years ago.

Are you happy with the One Direction choice of single? Where will the “Infinity” video be shot?

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]