‘RHOBH’ Stars Kyle Richards And Kim Richards Are Not Speaking, Despite Kim’s Attempt At Sobriety

Following Kim Richards struggle with substance abuse at the end of season 5 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the relationship between Kim and sister Kyle Richards reached a breaking point. In fact, things got so bad between the siblings that the two stopped speaking after Kim’s multiple stints in rehab. Will their relationship improve now that Kim is sober?

According to Bustle, although Kim is now sober and set to make a return to the reality series as a guest star, Kyle is still not on speaking terms with her sister. That being said, this actually may prove to be a good thing for siblings who have had a rocky past together.

Kyle’s relationship with her sister has never been easy, and their struggles have always been highlighted even more by being on the reality show. This has translated to their issues never really being resolved while the cameras are rolling. However, with filming for the new season coinciding with Kim’s stay in rehab, perhaps some real change can take place between the two.

Kim Richards has been in and out of rehab this year, making her relationship with her sister difficult. [Image via Bravo] Kim Richards has been in and out of rehab this year, making her relationship with her sister difficult. [Image via Bravo]In particular, time apart may work best for both reality stars, especially following Kim’s ordeal at the Beverly Hills Hotel and her subsequent arrest for being drunk in public. Additionally, the fact that Kim’s issues with alcohol won’t be on television for all to see might prove to be the deciding factor that gets the sisters talking once again.

With that in mind, Christian Today is reporting that Kyle recently sat down and talked with Andy Cohen during a radio spot. In the interview, Kyle discussed her sister’s current state of mind and how she was getting along with her sobriety. “She’s good right now,” Kyle revealed. “She’s happy, she’s good, she’s sober.”

At the same time, Kyle Richards also mentioned how being on the show can make things worse than they really are. This is especially true with her relationship with Kim. “It’s very difficult. We will be OK, and then the show reruns, and we’re like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ and it kind of brings things up again, honestly,” Kyle shared in the interview.

Meanwhile, Reality Tea is reporting that perhaps the sisters are starting to talk again as the first part of the new season continues to unfold. This is something that Kim hinted at in the interview with Cohen, where she stated that Kim and her “have a very difficult relationship and will probably always be a work in progress.”

Kyle Richards' troubled relationship with her sister has been well documented on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' [Image via Bravo] Kyle Richards’ troubled relationship with her sister has been well documented on the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ [Image via Bravo]Although it isn’t clear just how their relationship will mend, Kyle did add a few cryptic words about her sister’s return to the show. “She shows up this season,” she stated, unwilling to divulge anything more.

While Kyle refused to release any details concerning her sister’s return, she did make it sound as though there would be some controversy when Kim finally appears on the show. This is almost expected given how often the sisters butted heads in previous seasons.

As far as moving past everything that happened at the end of the last season, Kyle assured Cohen that she is trying her best to forget about it. That being said, she did admit that Kim’s latest stumbles are harder to move past than anything she has done so far.

“You wanna pretend that didn’t happen; you wanna forget about it,” she explained. “And then you’re like, ‘God that was really awful!”

With the current season now in full swing, fans can watch all of the drama unfold as season 6 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues on Tuesday nights on Bravo. Exactly when Kim is set to join the show is unknown at this time.

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