One Direction Will Hang Out Together During Hiatus, Harry Styles Gets Tattoo Live On Late Late Show

One Direction appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden today. The superstars addressed the story that they are bickering, revealing in the interview that they will hang out together when they take a break next year. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are actually planning to go on a holiday together... a revelation that seems to contradict the story that two of the members, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, are at odds and "cannot stand the sight of each other" as reported by The Sun.

Back in 2011, Corden posted a tweet giving his opinion about the hotness of the One Direction guys. Corden humorously aped the swooning tone of a female directioner, declaring that while Zayn is fit and Harry very appealing, there is "something about" the smouldering Louis Tomlinson.
Among the highlights of the 2015 One Direction appearance on the Late Late Show were some great impressions and accents by foreign-accent aficionado and Bond-hopeful Niall Horan (Niall did impressions of James Bond, a Spanish man and a New Yorker), an adorable moment when Louis Tomlinson sat on James Corden's lap and pretended to be a cat, and Harry Styles' revelation that he regrets tattooing the word "big" on his big toe.
A small and funny faux pas occured when Louis Tomlinson was asked which tattoo he thinks is his stupidest. Louis is silent for a moment as he considers Corden's question, so Liam Payne pipes up with his own suggestion.

"Your noughts and crosses tattoo?" Liam offers.

"I actually like that one!" Louis shoots back, causing the One Direction guys to laugh and Harry's face to break into a mischievous grin.

Louis Tomlinson's impression of a cat was a hit with fans, giving birth to dozens of GIFS and memes, despite, or maybe because of, the adorable way that Louis botches his impression.

"Well, well well," the Doncaster hunk says suavely as Corden strokes his chest and midsection. The Late Late Show host good-naturedly berates Louis for breaking character.

The cat doesn't talk Louis!
Viewers swooned over the impression, with some declaring their desire to frame the moment or to tattoo the adorable spectacle on their person.
Louis Tomlinson's "well well well" was quickly translated into various languages so Tomlinson-oglers all over the world could get an accurate sense of what they were witnessing.
One Direction also participated in a game Corden concocted called Tattoo Roulette, which ended with "loser" Harry Styles having to get the words "late late" (for The Late Late Show) tattooed on his body.
Styles briefly contemplated getting the words tattoed on his chest, which was partially exposed in the blue shirt the curly-haired heartthrob chose for the evening, but ultimately chose to put the new ink on his arm.
Viewers observed with amusement that while Niall Horan, the only One Direction member with no tattoos, seemed stressed throughout the game, Harry Styles looked as if he couldn't care less about adding to his existing tattoos.
The Daily Mail has reported that One Direction were also spotted filming a carpool karaoke with James Corden, which could appear any moment.

Some clips from the filming in Los Angeles have already leaked, including one that purports to show Niall Horan running late for the carpool. The Irish heartthrob can be seen still zipping up his trousers as he rushes to join his bandmates. He offers a quick "hi" to the filmers, who squeal in response.

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