Pamela Anderson Joins Sea Shepherd To Put An End To Whale Hunting

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson might be appearing nude all over the place, but she’s also a serious animal activist and has now joined Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in an effort to stop whale hunting.

Recently the media has been talking about Pamela Anderson starring as the last nude cover on the iconic Playboy magazine as they drop the popular nude centerfolds.

The former Baywatch star has also posted naked pictures on Instagram, while she celebrates the fact that she has conquered Hepatitis C. Now there is more serious news about the popular former Baywatch beauty.

According to Jacaranda FM, Anderson, 48, is proving that she isn’t just a pretty face and sexy body but also a dedicated animal rights activist. She has recently joined the board of directors of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and is planning on stopping the horrendous whale hunting going on in the world as she makes a bid to “defend ocean wildlife and habitats worldwide.”

It seems starring in the popular Baywatch series, where lifeguards save people from drowning at the beach, has rubbed off on Anderson, but this time with a view to saving marine animals instead of beach-goers.

Sea Shepherd has had a particularly disturbing summer, what with the slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands and the bloodstained waters of the Taiji Cove in Japan. Now there’s a fight afoot to stop Japan’s industrial whaling fleet from heading to the remote wilderness of the Antarctic.

On announcing the fact that she has joined Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and speaking about Japan, Pamela Anderson said in a statement that Japan is now heading to the Southern Ocean, “where its deadly industrial whaling fleet will hunt highly intelligent and socially complex whales in their internationally recognized sanctuary, in defiance of both the International Court of Justice and the Australian Federal Court.”

“If the whales are not safe from illegal whaling in the remote wilderness of their Antarctic sanctuary, where are they safe?”

Anderson continued by saying the urgent fight against whale poaching must continue in the courts and that she is “proud to stand with Sea Shepherd on behalf of our clients, the whales.”

She said she has joined Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands in an effort to oppose the mass slaughter of pilot whales, along with Iceland’s hunting of endangered whales.

“My goal, and Sea Shepherd’s, is to bring an end to whaling, and I believe that together we can achieve it.”

EcoWatch reports that Japan was forced to abandon whale hunting in the Southern Ocean following a decision by the International Court of Justice that said it was a “commercial activity masquerading as research.”

However on Saturday last week the Japanese media reported it will start the activities again “soon” despite a call for more evidence that their expeditions have a scientific purpose. It was said the Japanese fleet could possibly depart by the end of December.

The Japanese fishing agency told the International Whaling Commission that it will resume its actions in the Antarctic Ocean by killing 333 minke whales, with plans to kill almost 4,000 more minke whales over the next 12 years.

Alex Cornelissen, CEO of Sea Shepherd Global condemned Japan’s plans to return to the Southern Ocean.

“The pristine waters of the Southern Ocean are once again under threat from poachers.”

The conservation groups efforts against the slaughter of whales will now be enhanced by the addition of Pamela Anderson to their ranks.

[Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images Entertainment]