George Zimmerman Has His Twitter Account Suspended After Tweeting Topless Picture Of Ex-Girlfriend

George Zimmerman will be off Twitter for a while after nude photos of an ex-girlfriend appeared on his page Thursday along with what appeared to be a spiteful message.

A tweet posted Thursday included a topless photo along with the woman’s phone number and the message, “This is Heather. She cheated on me with a dirty Muslim.”

The tweet remained up for roughly an hour before a second tweet with another topless photo was added, along with another message, “Did I go (too) far? I won’t even mention that she stole a gun and cash from me. Her line’s busy.”

Twitter took action against George Zimmerman not long afterward, moving to suspend his account, News 6 Orlando reported.

This is not the first time Zimmerman has gotten into trouble for using Twitter to send controversial messages. Back in September, he shared a photo of a dead Trayvon Martin, the teen who he killed on a night in February of 2012.

George Zimmerman Has His Twitter Account Suspended After Tweeting Topless Picture Of Ex-Girlfriend

Zimmerman had confronted Martin that night, assuming the unarmed teen to be a burglar looking for homes to rob in their gated community outside Orlando. Martin, who was actually returning to the home where he and his father were staying in that same community, got into a scuffle with Zimmerman that ended with Zimmerman shooting Martin to death.

Zimmerman was later found not guilty by a Florida jury.

In September, Zimmerman shared a police crime scene photo of Trayvon Martin’s dead body that a fan had tweeted at him along with the message “Z-Man is a one man army.”

Many people took offense to this photo, the New York Daily News noted, but Zimmerman only grew defensive and posted increasingly provocative photos. He also changed his Twitter background to the Confederate flag, which seemed to stand in solidarity with those defending the flag in the wake of the Dylan Roof shooting.

Zimmerman continued the rant for days, including seemingly racist messages along with one calling President Obama a race-baiter.

George Zimmerman has been vocal on race-related issues online, often taking aim at Obama for his seeming lack of interest in black-on-white crimes. This summer, after the slaying of journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward during a live broadcast, Zimmerman took aim at the alleged gunman, a black gay man named Vester Lee Flanagan.

“Pansy Fester [sic] lee Flanagan, too much of a daisy to deal w/racism. Murders 2 whites. Hate crime, 100%. Racist Obama says nothing condemning,” the tweet by Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman has also referenced the killing of Martin, once responding to a critic by saying, “We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me. Give it a whirl cupcake.”

It is not clear if George Zimmerman will face charges in the latest incident. Though Florida has a new law against so-called “revenge porn,” which includes posting nude pictures of exes online, some lawyers believe Zimmerman may not have crossed the line.

“Did he make racist statements? Yeah. So has he done wrong here? Sure. But does it rise to the level of criminal conduct?” said Steven Kramer, founder of Kramer Law, told News 6 Orlando.

Kramer added that Zimmerman’s notorious reputation may also make a prosecutor more careful when bringing charges.

“No prosecutor wants to bring charges against George Zimmerman and lose. If they are going to bring a case, they want to make sure it’s rock solid,” he said.

The woman in question has reportedly contacted the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, but it is not clear if criminal charges are being considered.

It is not clear if George Zimmerman will have his Twitter account permanently suspended after the nude pictures were posted.

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