WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Joining League Of Nations

The latest WWE rumors has Kevin Owens joining the League of Nations when he makes his return to television, according to Wrestling Inc.

Kevin Owens Joining League of Nations

On Monday Night Raw, we saw the birth of a new stable war. Sheamus had already aligned with Rusev and Bad News Barrett the previous week. The WWE Heavyweight Champion wanted a strong stranglehold on the company and the title so he opted to add another member to strengthen his League of Nations stable. The Celtic Warrior introduced Alberto Del Rio, who will soon be freed from the horrible MexAmerica gimmick. Together, they teamed with New Day to take on Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and the Usos.

Reports have now surfaced that the match was not originally intended to be a seven on three handicap bout. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. Langston were apparently added to the main event at the last minute. WWE officials did not want to give away a straight-up, four-on-four match between the Family and the League of Nations of Monday Night Raw. That could be saved for an upcoming pay per view. Instead of New Day, the match was to have Kevin Owens, who was sent home from the tour because he and his traveling son were really sick.

League of Nations

Kevin Owens Benefiting From League of Nations

Since Kevin Owens is an upper mid-card foreign heel who needs something to do, he fits the criteria for being a member of the League of Nations. The stable would now be represented by Canada in addition to Ireland, Mexico, Bulgaria, and England. Owens is a good fit for the group because he is already feuding with Dean Ambrose and does not like Roman Reigns. The WWE Intercontinental Champion doesn’t have major issues with the Usos but that is not necessary.

Being in the League of Nations should do wonders for Owens. Rather than simply floating around and being stuck in the mid-card scene, he is now essentially guaranteed some attention from the creative department each week. Kevin will more than likely be finding himself in the final segment of Monday Night Raw more frequently as well. Since Owens, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio are the titleholders in the group, they will take less losses. Expect Bad News Barrett and Rusev to do the jobs for the team.

New Day and League of Nations

Kevin Owens Not Fit For Stable

If we were to take into account the character that WWE gave Kevin Owens, then he is not really a good fit with the League of Nations. In fact, he is not a good fit with any stable unless he is the leader. Kevin plays a character that is selfish and self serving. On more than one occasion, Owens has been seen walking away from matches because it does not serve him to take the beating. The character has also shown that it has no qualms with walking out on tag team partners during the middle of the match.

Rather than coming up with some creative way to explain why Owens has changed, WWE officials will more than likely just have him simply drop that aspect of the character. A good explanation would be a back story where they reveal why Kevin has decided to do what is good for the team. Do a backstage segment where Triple H promises incentives to Owens, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, and Bad News Barrett if they help keep the WWE Heavyweight Championship around the waist of Sheamus.

Do you think Kevin Owens would be a good fit for the League of Nations?

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