2Shotz Sex Tape: Nigerian Rapper Allegedly Threatens To Release Explicit Tape Amid Abuse Claims From Wife Precious Jones

Rapper 2Shotz could have a sex tape scandal coming, with the Nigerian entertainer’s estranged wife claiming he threatened to release an explicit video of the couple in retribution for her speaking out against his alleged abuse.

The drama for the popular rapper has grown rapidly in the last two days, with his wife Precious Jones claiming she was constantly beaten. The abuse was detailed in a series of messages from WhatsApp published in Pulse this week, showing Jones detailing the alleged incidents to a friend.

Rapper 2shotz & Wife Split; Accuses Him Of Battery & Calling Her A Prostitute https://t.co/gPFTX31Noa pic.twitter.com/5FfAEvrsZe

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Jones claimed 2Shotz pushed her to the ground, slapped her, and called her a whore in front of the couple’s daughter.

As she explained, the rapper even struck her when she was in severe pain from a medical condition.

“OK so the first time he hit me was last year,” Jones wrote. “well can’t call it hit he just pushed me to the ground…I was in twice as much pain as normal because all through last year I was suffering from inflammation in my sacroiliac joint which made it pretty difficult for me to walk, move about normally, sleep normally or even sneeze.”

Jones also claimed that her husband was not pulling in a reliable income, and that she paid for his lifestyle.

Domestic Violence: Rapper 2Shotz’s Wife Speaks Out, Says She ‘Paid For His… https://t.co/jr68UoXjWw via @heraldng pic.twitter.com/MXjEAF3ETB

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2Shotz allegedly threatened to take his daughter’s passport so Jones could not escape with the girl to Ireland, but Jones has since left Nigeria and is reportedly in Ireland with the daughter.

Now in Ireland, Jones is accusing 2Shotz of threatening to release the sex tape.

“One thing I left out he threatened me that he has a video of us doing stuff lol,” she told a friend. “That he would leak it.”

This is not the first time 2Shotz has faced allegations of abuse from a girlfriend, NAIJ reported. Back in 2013, actress Beverly Osu claimed the rapper had beaten her while they were dating, a claim that both 2Shotz and his wife denied.

In the chat, Precious Jones revealed a lot about the crash of her marriage to 2Shotz.

This is not the first sex tape scandal to rock the music industry in Africa. Just a few weeks ago, popular and influential Kenyan celebrity DJ Crème de la Crème was featured in a leaked sex tape with a woman other than his wife. The entertainer, whose real name is George Njuguna, issued an apology both to the woman who appeared and to his own family, the Mirror noted.

In a long statement posted to his Instagram page, DJ Crème de la Crème said the explicit video brought him shame.

“A lot has been said, tweeted, updated and illustrated. A lot of harsh words, a barrage of jokes, but at the same time, a flurry of encouraging communication from my fans, friends, colleagues and family. All is noted, appreciated and taken to heart. I shall reflect on it all. To my family, I truly I am sorry. You are my rock, the foundation upon which I find strength. I sincerely apologise for bringing shame to our trust, your names, persons’ and legacy. I humbly seek your forgiveness, your grace and mercy. Please forgive me.”

The alleged 2Shotz sex tape has not actually leaked to the internet. It also does not appear that he has responded to the allegations of abuse, and he has been silent on social media for more than two days.

[Image via 2Shotz/Twitter]