Is Tom Cruise Interviewing More Women To Be His Wife Through Scientology?

The audition, um, search for wife number four is allegedly underway for Tom Cruise and his partner in Scientology, David Miscavige. It seems that Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are looking for an “Amal Clooney” type for Cruise, as the last woman in this role, Katie Holmes, ran for the hills when the grip of Scientology became too much for her and daughter Suri, who now live on the East Coast.

According to the Inquisitr, Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter Suri in over two years, which is huge for a child. Since Katie Holmes left with Suri, Cruise has allegedly not had the time to spend with his only biological child due to his work and religious commitments to Scientology.There might be a private agreement between the parents that the public is not privy to, but it isn’t a financial situation that is keeping Cruise from his children.


The “candidates” being mentioned for the new missus Cruise are an odd international mix, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry. The church of Scientology allegedly finds it embarrassing that their leading celebrity member can’t hang on to a wife, and has started a search for the right woman who will embrace or at least tolerate he religious zeal.

“Tom Cruise has been shopping around, and already has a shortlist of possible wives. According to OK! Magazine, Tom has narrowed his search down to four women: Tamara Mellon, Delphine Arnault, Emily Ratajkowski, and Katherine Waterston,” wrote the gossip site.

Mellon is out, as she is engaged to power broker Michael Ovitz, and honestly seems a bit too sophisticated for the likes of Tom Cruise, as she has put her Jimmy Choo brand on the map. Delphine Arnault is also a sophisticated name in fashion, and also has a significant other, but allegedly, Cruise is not too concerned about her current relationship, as he seems to shop for women online like most people shop for new linens.

“But Tom doesn’t mind. OK! Magazine‘s sources explained, ‘Tom is really intrigued and wants to learn more about her.’ At 23 years old, we are pretty sure Emily Ratajkowski has a ton of prospects to sift through (like Ben Affleck) and Tom Cruise isn’t exactly at the top of her list,” according to the site.

This leaves Katherine Waterson, who at 5’11 is about five inches taller than Cruise and six inches taller than Miscavige, but at the end of the day, the final vote allegedly goes to Miscavige, as Scientology doesn’t want another divorce associated with Cruise.

OK! Magazine is reporting that Tom Cruise’s focus right now is to get back into ripped condition to help him attract that perfect Scientology wife.

“But the 53-year-old is back on the prowl and while he’s focusing on filming Jack Reacher 2 for now, he’s planning to ramp up his wife search when filming concludes.”

Cruise is currently shooting a movie, but is allegedly ready to get back on a full dating tour that will hopefully once again end with him jumping on someone’s couch (too bad Oprah won’t be available).

“He’s told his team to start the hunt for Mrs Right and he plans on an epic dating whirlwind when he finishes filming in Louisiana,” the source said.

Hopefully, whoever the new Mrs. Cruise is, she will have access to the stories of Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Leah Remini, and go in with her eyes wide open.

Do you think Tom Cruise is looking for a new wife for the wrong reasons?

[Photo courtesy of Lee Jin-Man/AP]