‘Smallville’ Star Tom Welling To Star And Produce ‘Section 13’ TV Series For CBS

As rumors continue to fly, and will until it happens, that Tom Welling will portray Superman from Smallville in an episode of The Flash, he’s busy with other work too. Welling is officially returning to television to star in and produce an action drama for CBS that will be called Section 13.

According to TV Line, the former Clark Kent is going to do his first bit of television since Smallville in May of 2011. Not only is he going to be on the small screen again to star in the series for CBS, but he will also be doing a lot off camera as well. Welling is producing the new show that is currently in development.

Deadline states that Section 13 is about a CIA black ops officer who has turned into a private contractor, who will be played by Welling. The contractor has to deal with a recent personal tragedy and ends up joining a covert organization that is devoted to carrying out some seriously high-stakes, dangerous, and difficult assignments.

Sounds like a job for Superman, doesn’t it?

Carla Kerrner, of Bones fame, will be the one behind the writing for Section 13. She will also executive produce the show with Welling.

Welling may have been invisible from being on screen for years now, but he’s kept extremely busy. He was the co-executive producer and producer for the final two seasons of Smallville, and that seemed to be his calling. Let’s not forget to mention that he also ended up directing eight episodes of the Superman series as well.

Since then, Welling, through his production company, has developed a number of projects and sold them out. One of them was the cheerleader drama series known as Hellcats that aired on The CW and had Welling as executive producer.

Acting wise since Smallville, Welling has done some things here and there including Draft Day and Parkland.

New superhero series are popping up on TV all the time, and many attribute their success to Smallville and how long it lasted with great ratings. The Flash is in its second season and does really well for The CW, but fans want more.

Now, Supergirl is in its first season, and has just been picked up for seven more episodes to complete an almost first season, as reported by Movie Pilot. Considering this show airs on CBS and Welling’s new show is on CBS, it creates an interestingly good problem.

As stated earlier, rumors of Welling donning the cape and showing up on The Flash as Superman from Smallville have been floating around almost the entire year. No one knows if it will happen or not, but the possibility is still there.

Most recently, talk has started up that The Flash and Supergirl could have a crossover between The CW and CBS networks. If that ends up coming true and happening, then one would think it only draws closer to Welling putting the cape back on to be Superman again.

After 10 seasons as Clark Kent, and a small amount of time as Superman, on Smallville, it would do fans a lot of good to see him show up. While that may never end up happening, this partnership with CBS nudges things a bit closer to it becoming a reality one day.

Tom Welling has kept busy behind the scenes, but his new action drama for CBS is going to bring him back on camera. There is no start date or further information on Section 13 other than it is in development, but having a star in the lead may jump start it into production.

[Image via The CW]