Great Christmas Gift Ideas For ‘Fallout 4’ Fans This Holiday Season

With the arrival of the holiday season, many people are seeking to find the perfect gift for their friends and family. However, it can sometimes prove difficult to single out a great item for video game fans since they often pick up the latest titles as soon as they are released. Take Fallout 4 for example. The latest installment of the post-apocalyptic franchise would make a great gift for most gamers, but plenty of players have already picked up the highly anticipated title.

So what do you give the Fallout 4 fan who already owns the game? The developer behind the title took the time to answer that very question by compiling an official “Bethesda Holiday 2015 Gift Guide.” The studio has offered up plenty of suggestions that should help shoppers pick out a great companion gift for any fan of Fallout 4.

“You’ve made your lists. You’ve checked them twice. Now’s the time to be extra nice… to your friends and to yourself. With everyone playing Fallout 4 this holiday season, why not stuff your stockings with all your favorite Wasteland goodies. Of course, no gift guide would be complete without a few other treats for the discerning Bethesda fan, so we’ve included some of this season’s hottest items.”

To start out, Bethesda has created an official Christmas sweater featuring Fallout 4‘s Vault-Tec logo alongside iconic Pip-Boy mascot. The seasonal apparel is trimmed with plenty of holiday imagery such as reindeer and evergreen trees accompanied by more Fallout-themed details like the radiation hazard symbol. Those wanting to pick up something that’s more appropriate for year-round use can try the Vault 111 hoodie instead.

For those who enjoy the art style of Fallout 4, Bethesda suggests The Art of Fallout 4 collector’s book that contains high-quality samples of the various concept artworks that were created throughout the game’s development process. However, the developer warns potential buyers to act fast since there will be a limited print run for the Fallout 4 artbook.

If you think the Fallout 4 lover in your life would like to receive toys for Christmas, there is even a selection of official collectible figures. Similar to the ones found inside the game, Bethesda has released a series of Fallout 4 Bobbleheads. Anyone wishing to carry the bobbles with them might consider the Pip-Boy Messenger Bag which features a print of the wrist-bound personal device that has become a staple of the series.

Bethesda has even made it possible for Fallout 4 fans to carry their apocalyptic adventures over to other games by commissioning a special Fallout Collector’s Edition of Monopoly. Gamers can finally play the classic board game with bottle caps as they fight over who gets to have the mini-nuke game piece.

Like with many big game releases, Fallout 4 also has its own official soundtrack that brings together all the memorable music and sounds of the game. However, Bethesda has made sure to offer various soundtracks in wide selection of formats ranging from the common digital download from iTunes to the less utilized Vinyl edition.

While shoppers are busy trying to pick out the best holiday gifts, Bethesda has stayed committed to improving Fallout 4. As reported earlier this week by the Inquisitr, the developer has now released the second beta update for the game as they continue to test out the bug fixes before making the content available across all platforms. The team is also busy getting the community modding tools ready to launch early next year and the studio will also be releasing the first of several DLC packs for Fallout 4 in 2016.

Would you be happy to get any of these officially licensed Fallout 4 collectibles this holiday season?

[Image via BethesdaNet]