Miley Cyrus’ Rope Buns At ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ World Premiere Are Latest Wacky Look

Miley Cyrus is once more making headlines, but unfortunately for the actress-turned-singer-turned-superstar, it’s yet again for her very weird sense of style. Her New York City appearance last Saturday as part of her Milky Milky Milky Tour included many changes of outfits, most of which were provocative at best, and weirdly disturbing for some. In comparison, Cyrus’ choice of clothes and hairdo on the red carpet for the world premiere of A Very Murray Christmas, Sofia Coppola’s latest starring Bill Murray, George Clooney, and Amy Poehler, could be considered fairly sober.Miley fully engaged with the Christmas theme, and credits should be given where credits are due: as ever, she gave it her best. Adorning a lovely long-sleeved, white dress laced with pearls and studs and knee-high socks which benefited from the same detailing, Cyrus’ look was reserved — almost classy considering her antics.

But what most caught the public’s attention were the two Princess Leia-style buns on her head. Looking more like rope or twine than real hair, the two blond cinnamon rolls-shaped accessories were attached to Miley’s darker brunette hair.

As a tribute to the film, Miley Cyrus held a special Murray Christmas jumper and posted the following on her Instagram.

Miley used a range of hashtags and lovely emojis, but it’s the #mylastredcarpet 4eva which most caught people’s attention and has led to much speculation about the singer’s plans for the future. Is she announcing some kind of retirement, is it just one of her funny jokes, or could it be a promise she’ll come back on like many in show business seem to do? Many of her fans, below the Instagram post, have already expressed their disappointment and begged the star not to leave them.

Miley Cyrus stars in Sofia Coppola's latest Miley Cyrus at NYC Premiere of “A Very Murray Christmas” (Photo via Instagram)

Cyrus and Murray seem to have got on better than expected — according to the 65-year old anyway. Of Miley, he said, “I was not convinced, but Miley Cyrus is really f***ing good.

“She can sing. I thought she was a knucklehead crazy girl that you’d want to go on a road trip with, but she can sing!”

The whole crew and cast was in attendance at Wednesday’s premiere, including Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Lewis, Mitch Glazer, Paul Shaffer, Bill Murray, Sofia Coppola, Thomas Mars, and Roman Coppola, pictured below.

Sofia Coppola's new film is airing on Netflix December 4. Cast and crew of the new Netflix show. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

And it’s two weird outfits in one day for Miley, who was pictured earlier on Wednesday with a rainbow fur coat, as reported in the Mirror.

Other recent antics include her prosthetic breast and strap-on phallus in Chicago where she kicked off her tour and a baby outfit — including diaper, bib, and bonnet.

Her hosting of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards was highly commented as she changed outfits no less than 11 times. The highlights were the pink latex dress with inflatable lettering, her clear vinyl dress with cleverly placed circles, and the art deco eyes and lips dress.

A Very Murray Christmas, which airs on Netflix Friday 4, stars Bill Murray, Miley Cyrus, and a string of stars including George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzmann, Michael Cera, Chris Rock, and Jenny Lewis among others. Coppola’s latest centers around Bill Murray who is worried no one will come to his TV show due to a terrible snow storm. The musical comedy sees the actors as hotel guests coming to the rescue for Murray’s broadcast.

Watch the trailer below: