Megan Hiatt: Mother Of Twins Killed In Brutal Attack Speaks Out

Megan Hiatt's twins were shot and killed by their father -- while she held them in her arms. Despite the devastating loss of her infant daughters, the 22-year-old woman said she is trying to focus on her recovery. She also expressed thanks for the support she has received from her family, friends, and the community.

Gawain Rushane Wilson and Megan Hiatt were the proud parents of 5-month-old twin girls named Hayden and Kayden. Unfortunately, as described by Megan's mother, "their relationship was not healthy."

In an attempt to avoid a confrontation, Hiatt's best friend and father agreed to help her move out of the home she shared with Wilson -- while he was away from home. However, he returned to the house earlier than expected.

When Wilson realized his girlfriend was moving out, he flew into a rage, pulled out a gun, and started shooting.

According to reports, Wilson shot and killed the twins while Megan Hiatt held them in her arms. He then proceeded to fire shots at his girlfriend and her father before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.

Although her daughters were killed, and she was severely injured, Megan managed to make it to a telephone and call 911. The chilling call was received, and recorded, by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

"My ex-boyfriend shot me, my twins, my dad and my best friend. Please come! My dad is sitting here bleeding out, I'm bleeding out, and I think my best friend is bleeding out, and my kids are dead."
As reported by WSBTV, Hiatt and her best friend survived the devastating attack. However, her father Travis and her twin daughters died at the scene.

Although she managed to survive the assault, Megan underwent a total of eight surgeries in the last two weeks.

On her GoFundMePage, the young woman admits she is having a difficult time dealing with her injuries and the loss of her daughters. However, she said she has found strength in the support she has received and her religious faith.

"I want everyone to know that I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and that my Heavenly Father has been by my side throughout this process... I know that your thoughts, prayers, and all other efforts on my behalf haven't gone unnoticed and are all greatly appreciated. They are the reason that I am alive."
Hiatt also thanked donors, who contributed more than $26,000 toward her medical bills and her daughters' funeral.Megan Hiatt's twins cannot be saved. However, she has vowed to become a domestic violence advocate, in the hopes of sparing other families from similar tragedy.

In an interview with, Megan's mother, Melissa Bateh, said Gawain Rushane Wilson had a history of violent behavior including several prior assaults against her daughter.

According to Bateh, Wilson was arrested on charges of domestic violence in 2013. According to reports, the young man pleaded guilty to strangling his former girlfriend and agreed to attend domestic violence counseling.

Unfortunately, he continued to display violent behavior in his relationship with Hiatt. Bateh said he "was controlling, smashed furniture, grabbed her daughter and demanded she lose weight... "

Although Megan eventually realized she was in a dangerous situation, and attempted to leave, it was simply too late.

Bateh said her daughter was shot at least five times and it is a miracle that she survived the brutal attack. She confirmed Hiatt is still hospitalized at UF Health. However, she is expected to recover from her wounds.

Despite the fact that Megan Hiatt's twin daughters died in her arms, she is unwilling to give up hope for a better future. She sincerely hopes her story will prevent other families from experiencing the same kind of devastating loss.

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