Laura Prepon Protection Order: ‘OITNB’ Star Fears For Her Safety After Being Threatened By Fan

Laura Prepon Protection Order

Laura Prepon, star of the popular show Orange Is the New Black, and Jenji Kohan, creator of the series, are fearing for their safety after they were harassed by a crazed fan. The actress and Kohan have now taken action after they were threatened by a very aggressive stalker. Both have filed separate protection orders against the man and both orders of protection have been granted by the courts. According to a report from TMZ, Kohan claims that the man threatened her on Instagram last week with an audio recording that said, “Get ready, violence is coming.”

William Austin is the name of the stalker who sent Kohan the disturbing audio recording. Meanwhile, Prepon’s documents regarding the matter do not specify a threat, but Laura was allegedly sent several threatening messages via various social networks.

In fact, a look at Austin’s Twitter account revealed that he mentioned Laura Prepon several times in his tweets. And In October, Austin, with his Twitter account @1913WillAustin, published a picture of Prepon and wrote the following message to accompany the image.

“Here is a recent picture of Laura Prepon my Wifey and Friend.”

The above tweet was followed by several emoticons including an angry face, a kiss mouth, a gun, a knife and an engagement ring.