Charlie Sheen Sued By Ex-Fiancée Due To Forced Abortion Because Of His HIV

As anticipated, the lawsuits against Charlie Sheen keep rolling in, and one of the women, Brett Rossi, more than rejects Charlie Sheen’s quotes that they split up amicably, and that he was straight with her about his HIV diagnosis. Rossi is now suing Sheen for a number of things, but says she was forced to get an abortion as Sheen said he didn’t want a “retarded child” because of his HIV status.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen came clean about his HIV status because he wanted the lawsuits to stop, but now that the information is out in the open, the gag orders are no more, and new suits are arising, led by Gloria Allred with, perhaps, a class action suit. A video tape going around is the focus of another suit where Charlie Sheen is intimately with a male lover who insists Sheen gave him herpes and exposed him unknowingly to HIV. Sadly for Sheen, there are witnesses to all of this.


TMZ broke the story of the new suit filed by Brett Rossi that alleges that she was forced by Sheen to abort his child in 2014.

“Rossi says she got pregnant in March 2014 and Charlie flipped out, insisting he didn’t want a child given his HIV status. Rossi says Charlie threatened to kick her to the curb if she resisted, saying he didn’t want her ‘to give birth to a retarded child.’ She says she gave in to the pressure and got the abortion.”

Brett Rossi said she had unprotected sex at least five times with Charlie Sheen before he told her the truth about his HIV status, and says he is lying that he told all of his lovers of his status since his diagnosis.

Rossi also insists her relationship with full of violence and that Sheen wanted to put a hit out on her former husband.


The Daily Mail reported that Rossi, born Scottine Ross, a porn actress, is still devastated after having an abortion that she didn’t want.

“Rossi claims that Sheen threatened to leave her if she did not get the abortion because he did not want her ‘to give birth to a retarded child’ according to TMZ. It is not known when Rossi went ahead with the abortion, but in photos of the two from the Joe Carter Classic Charity Golf Tournament in June 2014 the actor can be seen with his hand on hr stomach.”

Rossi posted a video after Sheen’s public confession that called him out for his alleged past sins.

“Rossi can be seen sobbing as she yells; ‘You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half! You made me get rid of a baby.’ She then adds; ‘You offered me a hundred grand after basically being married to you… you piece of sh*t. After everything I f**king did for you and your f**king kids!’
She also spoke about the level of violence that she lived with.

“You choked me out! You threw me on the floor! You dragged me around like a rag doll! You told me what a piece of sh*T I was all the time. F**k you!’ says Rossi.”


Though Charlie Sheen has blamed his predicament on the unsavory people he was hanging out with, those same people are coming back at him in court.

Do you think Brett Rossi will be successful against Charlie Sheen in court?

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