Wendy Williams Reportedly Focused On Her Empire Amid Divorce From Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams is ready to move on now that she's filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter.

According to People Magazine, Williams is focusing on herself, and what she wants out of life, now that she and Hunter are no longer together.

Sources tell the outlet that one of the biggest priorities on Wendy's agenda is her career and the empire that she's built around her brand. Hunter had been in charge of most of Williams' affairs, and now she's allegedly ready to take the reigns.

"She's taking over her empire. She was kept out of the loop a lot. Wendy's an executive producer on the show as well, but she's the talent. Kevin was the one doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff and being a go-between for her and the show. It wasn't like people kept her in the dark on purpose, she just never asked," an insider tells the magazine.

Kevin was let go from the show just days after the divorce filing, but a spokesperson for the show told the magazine that the talk show isn't planning to hire anyone to take his place. Instead, David Perler, who has been the showrunner for the past nine years, as well as Wendy herself, will remain the sole executive producers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors about Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter's marriage continue to run wild. This week, reports surfaced that police were called to the couple's home back in January to do a welfare check on the talk show host after receiving an anonymous phone call, claiming that Hunter may have been poisoning his wife.

TMZ reports that Kevin was hesitant to let the officers inside the home, and when they found Wendy. She was covered from neck to toe with a blanket and revealed that she was recovering from a broken shoulder.

When police asked Williams if there was any truth to the tip they got about her husband poisoning her, the talk show host allegedly got teary-eyed but told the cops that she was fine, and so they left the home.

Page Six recently reported about the rumors of Wendy suffering abuse at the hands of Kevin. However, Williams has never spoken out about the gossip.

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