Super Rich Dude Jon Stewart Mocks Mitt Romney For Being Rich

Regular Daily Show viewers know that Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart (and his team of writers) have been targeting GOP nominee Mitt Romney for being wealthy and perhaps not paying “his far share,” but it turns out that John Stewart himself is a member of the “one percent.”

Stewart is on pace to be living larger than Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and businessman, when he gets to Romney’s age, according to The Daily Caller (the employer of reporter Neil Munro)

In a piece authored by Sally Nelson, the news website reveals that “Stewart…makes more than 300 times the median American salary, owns three luxury homes and sometimes doesn’t pay his taxes.” Stewart’s annual salary is estimated at $15 million, with an overall current net worth of $80 million.

While $80 million doesn’t yet put Stewart into the same wealth bracket as Romney, he is already on pace to be richer than the former Massachusetts governor when he reaches his age.

At his current earning rate, The Daily Show host’s net worth will be $320 million by the time he turns 65 — Romney’s current age. And that total doesn’t include increases in property value or other assets Stewart might accumulate.

Jon Stewart apparently owns a Manhattan penthouse, two lakefront mansions in New Jersey, and another large home in upstate New York. He has also been hit with several liens for unpaid taxes.

As Mark Whittington of the Yahoo! Contributor Network writes…

Romney and Stewart have prospered by pursing happiness. Romney was made happy by building up companies and providing thousands of people with jobs. Stewart was made happy by mocking Romney for doing so, not perhaps realizing that if it is bad for Romney to be rich, it might be bad for him to be rich as well.

Do you think Jon Stewart is a hypocrite when it come to harping on someone’s prosperity and/or engaging in so-called class warfare?