Young Thug Mocks His Baby Mamas, Pleads With His ‘Bay’ To Come Back

Young Thug is one rapper who is never short of drama. Born in 1991, he quickly rose to fame in 2014 after the success of his two hit songs, “Lifestyle” and “About the Money.” This year, he has been involved in quite a few controversies, with one of the most notable being an alleged plot to murder Lil Wayne.

In July, Young Thug was also arrested for threatening to shoot a mall cop after he was told to leave the premises, and he was arrested a few days later at a home located just outside Atlanta. That said, he has often indicated in public that he is free-spirited and doesn’t really care what people think about him. He has demonstrated this by adapting an indecipherable lyrical style of singing and donning feminine apparel for magazine photo shoots.

According to one of his revelations, during an interview with the Guardian, he likes to live one day at a time and does not really rely on a schedule. He elaborated this by stating that if he wakes up and wants a car, yearns to rap, or just wants to lay in bed with his girlfriend, he does just that. However, Young Thug stressed that his main focus was the money, saying hits bring money, the money brings power, and the power enhances fame, with the last being the game changer.

Speaking about money, he is currently in trouble with his baby mamas, who have claimed on social media that the rapper neglects his kids financially and does not even visit them to see how they are doing. Taking to Twitter to square it out, he posted messages that say he wants custody of all his kids, who in all are said to be 11. His main argument is that he is stable enough to take care of them in contrast to their moms, who reportedly live in squalor and are in no position to provide the same level of support, especially financially. The following are some of the messages Young Thug posted in regards to the matter.

“Have her ready junky, uma send my driver..”

“I’m embarrass for people to even no I knew a b**** that look like yall… Glad my babies sexy!! And my b****!”

“I just wanna no y should a peasant with no job, or future, or apartment/house/condo have custody of a rich mans child!! I’m lost…”

“When you bombs give me custody then I’ll be able to see them every day but until then I’ll just pay my child support that I put myself on.”

“Don’t come for me unless I send for u guys!!”

He also talked about his 12-bedroom house, which is large enough to accommodate his kids. He added that he had no intention of visiting his baby mamas as they were located in “low-class” areas such as Cleveland, calling it “backtracking.”

However, Young Thug seems to have rubbed his loved one the wrong way and is now pleading with her to come back to him, according to his latest tweets, which read as follows.

Young Thug captions image in plea for his bay to return [Image via Twitter]

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for EDITION]