Jennifer Aniston Talks Paparazzi In ‘$ellebrity’ [Video]

How obsessed are we with celebrity? Is it the disease of our culture? A new documentary called $ellebrity examines the obsession with celebrities from the vantage point of A-list stars. Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, and Jennifer Lopez all give their viewpoints about the paparazzi and modern culture in the new movie.

Aniston said:

“When all of sudden you hear rumors that are not true on a CNN crawl, you kind of think, wait, that’s CNN.”

$ellebrity also looks at the viewpoint of the paparazzi, who say that fame is created through tabloid magazine.

“Who makes them famous? Actually we do. They are reliant on the paparazzi?

The new documentary debuted at the South By South West festival last March and the films first trailer just popped up online.

E! Online reports that celebrities like Kid Rock, Elton John, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Anison all relay stories about the paparazzi in the new film. Marc Anthony talks about how helicopters circled above his wedding. Rock talks about a few physical altercation he’s had with celebrity photographers. And Aniston reflects on the various rumors that have circulated about her over the years.

The movie also takes a look at the rise of reality stars like Kim Kardashian. Would anybody care about the Kardashians if tabloids didn’t exist?

Here’s the trailer for $ellebrity.

What do you think of celebrity culture? Does the media create, or harass, celebrities?