Stephen Curry’s 40 Points Against Charlotte Leads Warriors to Victory And A 20-0 Record

Stephen Curry is at it again, leading the Golden State Warriors to a 20-0 victory against the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte, North Carolina native scored 40 points during the game in his hometown, including 28 in the third quarter alone. The final score was 116-99, thanks to Curry’s impressive third quarter.

Stephen Curry grew up in Charlotte and starred as a basketball player at Davidson College, which is located near his hometown. The crowd was full of friends and family members who were able to watch him play. His father, Dell Curry, who played for the Hornets for 10 years, even gave a speech during a halftime ceremony in his honor.

“It was a cool atmosphere to play in, especially on top of my dad’s ceremony,” Stephen Curry told the Press Democrat. “It was nice to be out there at halftime and hear his speech and stand with my mom, my sister, my aunts and my grandma. It was a good night. I can’t ask for more. To play like I did and get the win was special.”

Curry attempted 18 shots throughout the course of the game and made 14 of them, including 8 of 11 threes. During the third quarter, Curry took charge with 28 points. He sunk 10 of his 11 shots and went 5 for 5 from three-point range.

After his incredible third quarter, Curry sat out during the fourth to get some rest while the Warrior’s strong bench cemented the victory.

“When he’s feeling it and shoots the ball, he’s already running to the other end of the court,” Warriors interim coach Luke Walton said. “He knows the ball’s going in before the rest of us. He’s doing an amazing job of picking his spots. He’s in his hometown and he’s the best player in the league and he wants to put on a show.”

If he’d been put in during the fourth quarter, the odds are good that he would have broken his 54-point career high record. That’s still 46 points shy of the 100 point record Wilt Chamberlain scored in March of 1962, though.

Stephen Curry scored 40 points in the Warrior's 20th victory of the season. The final score was 116-99 in favor of the Warriors. (Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images)

Commenting on his team’s success, Curry also told reporters that the Warrior’s 20-0 record so far was nothing short of surreal.

“It doesn’t even sound right. In the NBA, with so many good players and good teams, to be able to put on a run like this is special. We don’t always play our best but we find ways to win. That’s the strength of our team. Every night a different guy might step up and have a huge game and do the little things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.”

This isn’t the first time Curry has shown modesty at his team’s impressive winning streak. In fact, just days before the Charlotte game, Curry admitted he believes the Warriors will lose a game before the Carolina Panthers do, the football team currently holding steady with a 15-game winning streak.

Curry isn’t the only one surprised and humbled at how well he’s been performing this seasons. Bruce Fraser, a player development coach for Curry during shooting practice, stated that Curry has made a lot of progress over the last couple of years. “I felt like he may not have a great start, but once he got a feel for the game, he would ride the wave,” Fraser told ESPN.


Curry, as calm and cool as always about his successes, agreed with that statement, adding the following.

“I’ve learned, yeah. My second or third year here, I was tripping. But I figured it out now.”

Throughout the game, you couldn't help but feel a little bit sorry for those guarding Stephen Curry, particularly Kemba Walker, who couldn't seem to keep up with Curry's fast-paced moves. (Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images)

Though Stephen Curry’s performance was remarkable during his “hometown” game, he wasn’t the only player to perform exceptionally well. Klay Thompson also scored 21 points and showed exceptional offensive skills. Fifteen of those twenty-one points were in the first quarter, and Thompson was integral in developing an early lead over the Hornets.

Stephen Curry is building a strong precedent for the Golden State Warriors this year. Let’s see if the MVP can carry this victory to 21-0 in their Saturday game against the Toronto Raptors.

[Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images]