Katie Maloney Furious With James Kennedy Over ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cheating

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

Katie Maloney is back for another season of Vanderpump Rules, and she is still waiting for her own engagement ring. She has been working on her relationship with Tom Schwartz after they hit a rough patch last year. Tom admitted to cheating on Katie, and she wasn’t really sure how to deal with this news. But they worked out their issues, and their relationship appears to be one of the stronger ones this year.

Even though Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute haven’t always gotten along, Katie was shocked to see everything Kristen was going through earlier this year. Kristen tried to give her relationship with James a chance, but he continues to lie and cheat on her, and not really giving her a chance to work things out. They even tried therapy, which didn’t work well for them.

According to a new Bravo report, Katie Maloney is now revealing that she is shocked at how James Kennedy treated Kristen Doute prior to their breakup. And despite having their differences, Katie is in full support of Kristen.

“I’ve had my own accounts with James where he has been very disrespectful in the way he speaks to me,” Katie revealed during a recent interview with E! News, adding, “And then to see him do that to Kristen, even tenfold, it’s despicable to me, honestly, and I’m really happy and proud of her for nipping that in the bud and getting far away from that and getting to a much better, healthier spot in her own life.”

Kristen has moved on with another man. He has yet to be introduced to the Vanderpump Rules viewers. She has tweeted a few things about him, and it appears that his name is Brian Carter. It is very possible that Katie Maloney hasn’t met him, because she told E! News about the kind of guy she wants Kristen to date next.

“Someone that keeps her on her toes, keeps her in check and also keeps her calm,” she told E! News, adding, “She needs someone that has a soothing demeanor, who’s very even-keeled, because if you sort of get contentious with her, that’s what sort of fuels her fire. So she needs someone who is just going to be very chill all the time.”

Despite not working at SUR anymore, Kristen has played a role on Vanderpump Rules. Many of the former servers return to the restaurant and the show. And while Doute will probably continue to play a role, another person will return later this season. Stassi Schroeder will also return. In the previews, it looks as if she is back to date Jax Taylor once again. The two broke up during the show’s second season.

“Maybe she’s not coming back for Jax,” Katie revealed of her former best friend, adding, “We were all very confused as to what she came back for, and you see all of that play out. As you could have guessed, she wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms.”

Even though Katie Maloney and Kristen are no longer friends, Katie can sympathize with Kristen’s situation. Doute truly tried to work things out with James. They went to therapy together, but James had already broken things off with Kristen in his mind — he just hadn’t told her about it. He was already out sleeping with other people before he broke up with Kristen. And since all of his co-workers saw his behavior on the show, they may be thinking twice about trusting him. He is clearly putting himself first.

What do you think of Katie Maloney’s thoughts? Are you surprised that she is in full support of Kristen Doute?

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