‘Arrow’ Spoilers: ‘Fallout’ For Oliver And Felicity, Plus Consequences For What Barry Did To Save Everyone

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in the Arrow midseason finale

There are going to be all sorts of consequences moving forward in Arrow Season 4 after the second half of this year’s crossover with The Flash (which also set up DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, premiering in January on the CW). What’s next for Oliver and Felicity now that he’s keeping his son a secret from her? Where will the consequences of Barry traveling back in time show up? What did Malcolm’s move at the end mean for the future?

At the end of the first half of the crossover, Oliver saw the woman who had told him she had a miscarriage (after Moira paid her to) in Jitters with a kid who just so happened to look about the right age to be his. In Arrow Season 4 Episode 8, though Samantha lied at first about William being his, Oliver had Barry run a DNA test and confronted her with the truth. She eventually agreed to let him see his son – as long as no one, including William and Felicity (even after Oliver asked her not to make him keep this from her), knows the truth.

Thanks to a bit of time travel from Barry, “Legends of Yesterday” showed what happened when Felicity confronted Oliver after seeing the paternity test herself – she told him she couldn’t be with someone who clearly didn’t trust her – and what happened when she hadn’t, so that the ball was in his court. He didn’t tell her, setting the stage for the drama to come at a later date.

Oliver and Felicity in the Arrow season 4 midseason finale

In fact, according to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Wendy Mericle has revealed that things “come to a head in the middle of the season.” Yes, as happens on this show, this secret won’t stay a secret for very long, and according to the EP, there are going to be “some serious consequences” as Arrow Season 4 continues.

“We’re really excited about how that’s going to change things and it’s really going to raise the stakes and throw some wrenches into the works of their relationship, which so far this season it’s been pretty smooth sailing. True to form, we’re really going to mine that. There will be some fallout for both of them.”

As for that time traveling Barry did that allowed for those two different scenarios for Oliver and Felicity, he did so because the first time he, Oliver, Kendra, and Carter went up against Vandal Savage, things didn’t end so well — everyone died. As has been established on The Flash, time traveling has consequences. Last year, Cisco’s death was undone, but then someone else died. Now it’s hard not to wonder who will be affected this time – and which show. The time travel may have happened in Central City, but it was also part of Arrow’s half of the crossover.

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, “you’re going to have to watch upcoming episodes of Arrow” to see what happens as a result of Barry’s time travel. Now fans of the series have something else to worry about, in addition to that grave Oliver and Barry were at six months into the future at the end of the Arrow Season 4 premiere.

John Barrowman in Arrow season 4

The second time around, the group was able to stop Vandal Savage by working together (as opposed to Oliver, Barry, Kendra and Carter trying to do it themselves and failing), but the final scene showed that the fight with the immortal is far from over. Vandal may have been nothing more than ashes at that point, but Malcolm gathered them and echoed the words Vandal had spoken back when the cycle with him, Carter, and Kendra first began.

Knowing that he’s going to be Legends of Tomorrow’s villain somewhat takes away any surprise from that move, and it’s on the new series that viewers will see what happens next with Vandal. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Greg Berlanti hasn’t completely ruled out bringing it up in The Flash Season 2 or Arrow Season 4.

“We’re not done with the seasons on those two shows yet so I don’t want to say we won’t come up with some kind of way to reference it,” he shared.

Arrow Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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