San Bernardino Shooting Videos: Inside Inland Regional Center, Cop Leads People To Safety — ‘They’re Dragging Out Bodies’ [Graphic Videos]

Several videos from the San Bernardino shooting are making the rounds online the day after the tragedy left at least 14 people dead. One video from Facebook shows a cop reassuring people from inside the Inland Regional Center, telling them to put their hands up and placing them where he can see them. Showing a woman holding the hand of a child, the policeman tells the scared people that they should try and relax, and says that he’ll take a bullet before they do.

“I’ll take a bullet before you do, that’s for damn sure.”

The viral “I’ll take a bullet before you do” video, as reported by the New York Post, was taken by Gabi Flores — who works at the Inland Regional Center as a Consumer Services Coordinator.

Another new shooting video from the San Bernardino tragedy shows a shootout between police and the San Bernardino shooting suspects, as reported by CNN. In the video, recorded by a man in California, the resident is amazed that there are police all over his neighborhood, shooting at the San Bernardino mass shooting suspects.

Viewing videos on Twitter tagged #SanBernardinoShooting turns up a variety of footage about the massacre. Plenty of those videos are copies of the above linked-to video recorded by the California resident of the shootout between police and the shooting suspects from San Bernardino. Other videos, like the one below, show live news footage of the SUV after it was shot-up, in a scene reminiscent of the dramatic ending of Bonnie and Clyde, as the police tried to take cover and figure out if the shooters were dead or alive. The San Bernardino shooting suspects had IEDs and plenty of pipe bombs, so police were determining, as seen in the video, if it was okay to approach the vehicle safely.

Other videos out of the San Bernardino shooting situation show police officers racing out of their command post down the street, as another cop guides them through an intersection.

Photos from the San Bernardino shooting are just as dramatic on Twitter, and a warning: Some of the photos from the San Bernardino shooting are graphic. Meanwhile, the reasons why Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik shot and killed so many people in San Bernardino are still being examined on Thursday, as reported by the Inquisitr. Witnesses claim that Syed attended the 2015 Inland Regional Center holiday party, but claim Farook stormed out angry over some sort of argument — and when the 28-year-old returned with his wife, they were bent on killing.

As reported by the Daily Mail, another video seen below from the YouTube account of Timmy Hilliard shows cops surrounding the “IRC” as the man in the video calls it. He was in building 2, but the shooting occurred in building 3, says the man in the video. He talks about more people and dead bodies in the massive San Bernardino shooting.

Warning: The below video of the San Bernardino shooting victims taken from inside the Inland Regional Center might be disturbing to some viewers.