Lana Del Rey Is Moving To Escape Eager Fans — But One Stalker Followed Her To Malibu

Obsessed fan sets up home in Lana Del Rey's garage

If you feel a spiritual connection to your favorite star, it’s probably not the best idea to set up a makeshift home in her garage. A young man obsessed with singer Lana Del Rey did just that and is now in jail.

According to TMZ, police said Zachary Self, 19, was “infatuated” with Lana Del Rey, 30. He just moved to California from Kansas, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Unfortunately for the beloved singer, the discovery of this devoted fan only proves that she can’t escape her legion of followers, who have a tendency to be a bit overeager. Lana Del Rey is known both for skirting their attentions, and those of the paparazzi.

Her last home, located in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, was far too easy a place for fans to find and hang out — Lana Del Rey often saw these people camped out on her street. So, she decided to relocate to $3 million beachfront property in Malibu, where she is having a house built.

Clearly, she hoped to find some solace there. No such luck if the arrest of Self is any indication.

Lucky for Lana Del Rey, she was nowhere near the property when the young man was found. The house is currently under construction, and it’s not clear whether or not the singer officially lives in her new Malibu home just yet. The alleged stalker never met or confronted her, and she was never threatened with violence.

According to E! News, a construction worker found Zachary allegedly hanging out in the garage of Lana Del Rey’s home. Evidence suggests he was camping out there, and ET described these temporary digs as “living quarters.”

This worker then reported the man, who fled before police arrived. They were able to track him down to a Starbucks in Santa Monica, however, and promptly arrested him. He is now in jail, held on $150,000 bond.

So far, the charges against him are pending, but the New York Daily News reported that he is at least facing a felony burglary charge because he stole a book from the residence.

Mr. Self also left behind some interesting materials for police to read, which expressed his apparent infatuation with Lana Del Rey. These materials included several notes and a laptop — which they also used to track him down to the Starbucks.

Police said that the “rambling” in these discovered notes expressed a clear fixation with the singer. He also allegedly believed that he shared a “spiritual connection” with the star.

Zachary is reportedly being cooperative with police.

Unfortunately, it seems that even moving to a new town, and a new home, can’t deter the most ardent admirers. So far, the singer hasn’t commented on this determined stalker. Of course, Lana Del Rey isn’t the only star whose must deal with obsessed fans.

E! News outlined other stars who’ve had similar troubles. Orange is the New Black star Taryn Manning’s stalker was arrested for following the actress and then again late last year for violating an order of protection.

Also last year, Rihanna faced an obsessive admirer who harassed her in her SoHo apartment. Mila Kunis’ stalker recently escaped from a mental health facility, but he was found by police and taken into custody before he could do any harm. That man, Stuart Lynn Dunn, had previously broken into Mila’s condo and perched outside her gym; she’d already had a restraining order against him.

However, Sandra Bullock may have had the scariest encounter with a fan. While the man, Joshua James Corbett, wandered around her house after breaking in, the actress called 911 from a locked closet. Corbett also had notes professing love for the actress.

[Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images]