Syed Rizwan Farook Photo: 28-Year-Old’s Dating Website Photo — Plus Wife Tashfeen Malik’s Graphic Photo

Syed Rizwan Farook has been named as the shooting suspect in the tragic San Bernardino shootings, reports the New York Times. Photos of Syed Rizwan can be seen on Twitter. Earlier, the Daily Beast reported the wrong name of the shooting suspect. The publication has corrected earlier reports to name Syed Rizwan Farook as one of the correct shooting suspects — not Syed Raheel Farook, who they earlier claimed was one of the shooters. The incorrect man named also went by “Raheel Farook,” reported the Daily Beast, and they’ve printed a retraction and apology for the error. Whereas the Facebook photos of the incorrect Farook were once displayed, along with Syed Farook’s LinkedIn page, those are now unavailable as of Thursday, December 3. Unconfirmed reports claim that Syed Rizwan was the brother of Syed Raheel.

According to the New York Times, Syed Rizwan and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, told Farook’s mother that they had an appointment with a physician when they left her to babysit their 6-month-old daughter. Instead, Farook and Tashfeen carried out one of the bloodiest killings that left 14 people dead.

Whereas a Facebook photo for Farook has yet to be found, folks are zeroing in on Syed’s dating profile from when he was a 22-year-old. On a website called iMilap, a profile for Farook shows that it was interestingly “posted by parents” on the site designed for matrimony. The description of Syed Rizwan shows the fact that Farook worked for the San Bernardino County, as previous reports have shown, as an environmental health and safety inspector.

“Religious but modern family of 4, 2 girls 2 boys — I work for county as health, safety and [environmental] inspector. Enjoy working on vintage and modern cars, read religious books, enjoy eating out sometimes travel and just hang out in back yard doing target practice with younger sister and friends.”

The troubling part of the dating profile for Farook shows that he enjoyed target practice. In light of the shootings that left at least 14 people dead at the social services center, the words are chilling. The 28-year-old Farook was born in Illinois, but his parents hailed from Pakistan.

Syed’s dating profile from when he was a 22-year-old shows that he had never been married at that point in time, and claimed Farook was 6-feet-tall with black eyes and black hair. His religion is listed as Muslim, and his family values are listed as a mix of eastern and western beliefs. It displayed Syed’s location at the time as Riverside, California. Farook’s city of birth was listed as Chicago. It also reflected the fact that Syed lived with his parents at that time.

Syed recently attended the 2015 San Bernardino County Public Health Department holiday party — as he’d done in 2014 — after having worked there for five years. However, something set Farook off at the party — and when Syed returned with his 27-year-old wife, the duo went on the shooting rampage.

A search for Farook’s photos on Twitter turns up certain graphic images.

Warning: The following photos claiming to show Tashfeen are graphic and might be disturbing.

A search for photos of Tashfeen via Twitter doesn’t yet shown definitive photos of Malik, who may have been married to Syed for either six months or longer — or just engaged. Police aren’t sure of their marital status.

Plenty of profile photos for people named Tashfeen Malik are listed on Facebook as of this writing, proving it a popular name.

On a Dubai Matrimonial site, Farook’s occupation is listed from when he was a 23-year-old, with a “wheatish” complexion and a $49,000-per-year salary. His religion is listed as Islam, with an “acceptable cast” system of “Islam: Sunni” listed. Syed’s birthday is listed as November 6, 1987.

[Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]