Burger of the Month Club aims to find the best Hamburgers in New York

The Burger of the month club (BOTM) is run by 7 NYC residents whose goal is to find you the best hamburgers in the city.

Can you beat the Burger of the Month club crew?

New York’s Burger of the Month club is made up of 7 residents whose goal is to find the best burgers in New York City. Their site allows visitors to pick five of the burgers they try each year. To suggest your favorite burger, go to BurgerRankings.com and click the “Suggest a Burger” tab, then fill out and submit the form with you favorite burger. The more people who suggest a burger the more chance there is of it ending up on the home page of the site, where registered users can then vote on which burger the BOTM guys should try next.

Every other month the BOTM guys will try the most popular burgers that users suggest, while the months in bewtween, the team makes their own picks. It’s a game where users get to see if their own picks beat those of the Burger of the month crew.

Upon publishing, these are the top 10 suggested burgers in NYC on the Burger of the month club site:


Top 10 Burger of the month burgers for June 09

1 Peter Luger’s
2 Donovan’s Pub
3 City Hall
4 Primehouse
5 Bobby Van’s Grille
6 Burger Joint
7 Landmarc
8 Genesis
9 Black Iron Burger
10 Back Forty

On their site, the Burger of the month club is also encouraging visitors to start their own BOTM clubs in their own cities, which should be a fun thing to do, since there are so many eateries that claim to have the best burgers in town. A Burger of the month club would certainly prove whether they’re right or wrong and also make for some great excuses to go out and chow down on some rede meat.

And the with the burger of the month club crew appearing on the Today Show in New York this morning, we’re betting we’ll see the clubs popping up in a lot of other cities this summer.