Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Jerry Jones Is About To Take A Chance On Johnny Manziel

The Dallas Cowboys may have honestly seen the last of Tony Romo as their quarterback when he suffered a serious clavicle injury for the second time this season. It’s going to be interesting to see which direction they go in at signal caller if Romo’s time has come to an end in Dallas. The good news for Jerry Jones is that the Cleveland Browns appear to be done with the Johnny Manziel experiment already.

ESPN’s NFL guru Adam Schefter believes that one of the highest profile teams in the NFL — Dallas Cowboys — and one of the highest profile players — Johnny Manziel — have a future in limbo. Those two high profiles may find it best to cross paths soon.

Schefter thinks that the Cowboys really need to begin thinking of what life after Tony Romo will look like. They’ve already seen what it looks like without him as he hasn’t played a full season for the Cowboys in three years.

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Romo’s age and all of the injuries are adding up to be too much, and this may be their chance to prepare for life without him. Instead of having to throw Matt Cassel or Brandon Weeden into the fire, the Cowboys can prepare with a quarterback they are comfortable with leading their team.

This is where Johnny Manziel may possibly come in.

Cleveland could very well part ways with Manziel after the 2015 season, especially after the latest off-field issues that brought him from starter to third-string. The Browns aren’t going to allow the high-profile Manziel to sit on the bench, and they obviously can’t trust giving him the lead of the team either.

It’s never been a shock that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likes Manziel and was rather close to drafting him in the 2014 NFL Draft. CBS Sports reported that Jones is happy about the choices he made then, and made it seem that he knew the time would come when things would change.

“Do you remember two years ago when we sat there right to the last second on the clock with Manziel? My whole point is, there you are. That was the whole purpose of doing that. At that particular time, for a first-round pick, I thought that Romo had more time. And if we sat there and worked with Manziel for four or five years, now we all know what’s happened.

“We know the off-the-field issues. But on our board, one of our top five or six picks dropped down to us and it was at the quarterback position, and I absolutely was a vote of one in that room to basically go there. And I understood why.”

A number of teams could end up looking at Manziel once the season is over, and that’s of course if the Browns do separate from him. Along with the Cowboys, the St. Louis Rams could easily see if Manziel fits into their scheme and team.

Other veteran quarterbacks could also end up on the free agent market in 2016 and that includes Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III. The crop of quarterbacks in the draft for next year isn’t too big, so any veteran free agents may get scooped up quickly.

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If all else fails, there is always Tim Tebow.

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys made the right call on Johnny Manziel back during the draft in 2014, but their second chance may soon be coming. The Cleveland Browns have tried and given the young quarterback a number of chances, but he may have finally run out while Tony Romo has run out of health.

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