Skateboarder Tops 80 MPH To Set New World Record

Mischo Erban is crazy, there is no other rationale reason to explain why he would allow himself to hurl down a winding road at 80.74 mph in an attempt to break the world record for the fastest downhill skateboarding run.

Erban set the record at a mountainside location in Quebec where he filmed some awesome POV footage of his run using an Android-powered HUD prototype which was attached to the right side of his helmet.

The record was set with the help of a GMR deck with an aluminum spine that held the trucks in perfect alignment so the board tracks would remain straight and true in a completely neutral position. The board was also running with Ronin trucks and 85 mm wheels with ceramic bearings, the perfect setup for ultimate speed.

Erban has been training in downhill skateboarding since 2007.

In 2010 Erban reached 80.83 mph on a 12 percent incline in Colorado, however the current run was at sea level where there is more air resistance. The Colorado run in comparison was ran at 6,000 feet.

Erban called hitting his recent speed “fun” and he tells Wired:

“When you go on these speeds on a smooth road, you feel the raw power of gravity pulling you down, it’s so crazy to see everything whipping by you. It’s a crazy rush.”

The hardest part of the run? Mischo Erban had to eventually stop after reaching speeds of 80 mph. To stop he basically opened his arms as wide as he could to make himself big enough to grab some air resistance.

Here’s the video of his record-setting run: