‘Fallout 4’ Underwater Structure Found, Could This Mean DLC Aquatic Adventures? [Spoiler]

It seems the Fallout 4 Easter eggs or accidental discoveries are continuing to process as of late. Game Spot reports a vault dweller who was clearing out a raider camp inadvertently fell into the sea. Instead of attempting to get back to land, he/she decided to journey the depths in power armor and some Mirelurk cakes. The latter of which allows for one to breathe underwater.

The game is riddled with discoveries, and this one appeared to be some kind of pump structure of sorts with large pipes and a spherical base with some kind of caged impeller prop. It could not be entered and player interaction wasn’t possible, but this could lead one to wonder this was placed here for giggles? That being said, would this possibly be an indicator of future underwater game content?

Fallout 4 is coming out with a future DLC (downloadable content) and the reason this is even questioned is because of the fact that last month, a special harpoon gun was discovered and while fired, emitted bubbles from it while in flight, according to VG 24/7. A modder was looking through the files of the game to discover this gem and there was speculation that this weapon was associated with a “scrapped” underwater mission or perhaps was indicative of future content.

Though the bubbles are appearing above the surface in an animated format, this may lead one to believe in such of the aforementioned possibility of underwater adventures. Better beef up that “Aquaboy” perk, yes?

Continuing on into the Fallout 4 game exploration under water, Yahoo News reported that the player had to point the camera downward to get some kind of object specificity. Just like a maritime boater, the Fallout 4 vault dweller set several way points underwater for the purpose of navigation. Around where the structure was reached, a message came on the screen.

“You can’t go that way.”

An Imgur user gave a Fallout 4 play-by-play of his/her findings giving his route to the location and what looked to be the marked way point on the Pip-Boy map. He mentioned that was a very slow moving journey and talked about how the armor is good at providing an air supply that lasts a few minutes. There was also a pipeline that was followed, illimunated by lights and the wanderer came to a car with a lootable pot inside. The vault dweller kept it for notoriety apparently.

A Fallout player and commenter on Imgur talked about how he/she had did something similar by documenting the bottom of they Skyrim ocean floor while using the permawater and fortify athletics abilities.

Another interesting tidbit reported by Game Rant comes the hidden power armor located underwater as well. One might get the “Aquaboy” perk in order to take advantage of not only gaining radiation poisoning while submerged, but also the ability to breathe underwater. That clears out your inventory of Mirelurk cakes.

Speaking of DLC content, Fallout 4’s Bethesda Softworks company is said to be basing their content on fan feedback, according to a report by Ledger Gazette. Speculation continues further as you board the Prydwen and as you enter the research center portion of the ship, you’ll discover a plant growing in the lab that is quite similar to the one aleady found in the game Skyrim. The name of the plant in the fantasy-based RPG is called Nirnoot. Comparatively, if a vault dweller takes a gander at the computer terminal in the research lab aboard the Prydwen, you’ll come to find a file name NRT which seems to be a shortened version of the Skyrim botanical name.

So it appears that Fallout 4 has it’s secrets still being discovered. Are you ready for future DLC game content?

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment]