Joanna Angel Opens Up On James Deen Sexual Assault Allegations

Joanna Angel revealed the details about her alleged abusive relationship with fellow costar and ex-boyfriend James in a radio interview on Wednesday.

The adult film star was a guest on the Jason Ellis' SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday, Dec. 2, to open up about James Deen's alleged emotional and physical abuse. The adult actor is facing sexual assault claims from over a handful of women he has worked with and dated. Angel recalled the startling details of her six-year relationship with Deen.

"There were times that I did fear for my safety, but I felt trapped. I didn't know what to do. I felt very worn down and beaten down."
Joanna Angel began dating James Deen in 2005. She said that his behavior changed dramatically during their relationship, especially as he achieved mainstream fame. Oftentimes, she says Deen was controlling and emotionally abusive. But the one time that Angel said she feared for her life was when they were having sex. She recalled that Deen dragged her by the hair and shoved her head in a sink filled with water as she thought that she was going to die in that moment.
"At some point he dunked my head underneath and it started to feel like forever. I started to think, 'I'm gonna die here.' I started to get really scared and I was tapping and I was tapping, and finally he picked my head up. I started crying and he threw me on the floor and said, 'You're a horrible submissive. I'm bored, I'm gonna go f**k someone else.' And he just left the house."
She also recalled the numerous times that she would wake up to Deen on top of her. Angel also claimed that the adult film star assaulted her even when he was sleeping.
"More than once I woke up to him choking me in his sleep…He really is a scary person. He got more violent and scary the more famous he got…He knows there's something wrong with him."
Another adult film star by the name of Amber Rayne told the Daily Beast her encounter with James Deen. She said that the assault took place years ago on the set of an adult film. According to Rayne's claims, Deen punched her in the face and violently penetrated her to the point where she started bleeding. But Rayne claims that she's still friends with Deen and believes that the actor knows what he did was wrong.

She's not the only performer who came forward to the Daily Beast claiming that James Deen sexually assaulted her. Kora Peters had a similar account with Deen, also on the set of an adult film. According to Peters, Deen attempted anal sex although she told him no. Then he allegedly grabbed her neck, pushed her face into the couch, and forced himself on her. As for the crew, they told Deen that he did a great job with the scene, which was released anyway.

Joanna Angel, James Deen
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So far, a total of six or seven women have come out and claimed that James Deen have either sexually assaulted them on set or off set. In light of Deen's allegations, Kink and Evil Angel announced they would no longer work with the actor. In addition, women's website The Frisky also said they would no longer publish Deen's regular sex advice column.

Project Consent, a grassroots campaign created to combat sexual assault and rape culture, announced on Sunday that it would remove an April interview with Deen from their website. The organization also announced that they would no longer work with Deen on future projects.

James Deen
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James Deen was hailed as "the boy next door" and a "feminist hero" of the porn industry by media outlets. He also has openly stated that "consent is common courtesy," but has cracked jokes about rape on Twitter for years. Neither Deen himself nor his rep have responded to these new accusations. He has only taken to social media on Sunday to respond to Stoya's sexual assault claims.

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